cracking GMAT

Tips for Cracking GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

The critical analysis questions appear in the verbal section of the GMAT exam. While there are 36 questions in total in the verbal section, around 11 questions related to critical reasoning are entailed in this section. The GMAT critical analysis section is framed to test the ability of the candidate to evaluate and draw a […]

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skills required to sustain in the corporate world

With PGDM, Master the Skills Required to Sustain in the Corporate World

One’s success in the workplace is not necessarily tied to how intelligent they are, or how many qualifications they hold, or even how hard they work. Although these traits are important, it is the skills related to marketing, selling, networking, management, negotiation and communication that are the real determinants for success. Hard work will help […]

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What is PGDM?

The abbreviation PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. As the name suggests, it is a postgraduate diploma course that encompasses the study of the intricacies of different aspects of management and the business industry. Although the course curriculum of PGDM is much the same as that of MBA, it is a management course […]

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2 Year PGDM

ABS 2 Year PGDM-Dual Specialization: A truly cutting-edge programme!

Asian Business School is an innovative centre of academic excellence and is billed as one of the top B-Schools in India for PGDM, recognized and approved by AICTE, Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India. The flagship 2 Year PGDM program offered here is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and granted equivalence […]

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PGDM Marketing

Scope of PGDM Marketing in India

In the recent times, PGDM MARKETING – spelt out as Postgraduate Diploma Management in Marketing – has come up as a most sought-after degree by both students as well as the corporate world. This course specialization of PGDM Marketing explores the fundamental approaches to understand markets and portfolios of product offering. Some of the key attributes […]

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PGDM equivalent to MBA

Benefits of PGDM Equivalent to MBA

As most of us know, the biggest difference between PGDM and MBA is that while the former is considered as a post graduate diploma programme in management, the latter comes as a degree programme of management studies that is somehow valued more than a diploma. While the two courses look different, actually both the courses […]

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Corporate communication 

Importance of Corporate Communication in the Business World

Corporate communication strategy is a major part of any company’s environment. Generally understood, this affects not only how top-level managers speak to each other and their team, but also how everyone in the company speaks to their clients and customers. In the absence of effective company communication, team members often miss important information, feel left out […]

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PGDM eligible for NET

Are all AICTE approved PGDM eligible for NET?

In order to answer the question “Are all AICTE approved PGDM eligible for NET?”, let us first understand some fundamental things about NET: The abbreviation NET stands for National Eligibility Test and it is conducted on behalf of the University Grants Commission (UGC). It is essentially a national level eligibility test that recruits candidates for […]

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Challenges PGDM/MBA students faces

How to overcome key challenges PGDM/MBA students faces?

The decision of pursuing a PGDM/MBA programme can be exciting and daunting at the same time. On one hand, the student will be entering a world of countless opportunities; on the other hand, they will have to overcome challenges they never knew would come their way. However, PGDM/MBA is the right push their career needs […]

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PGDM/MBA Finance 

What government jobs can a PGDM/MBA Finance student get?

PGDM/MBA Finance is the most sought-after PGDM/MBA specialization because of its immense growth prospects in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sectors. Careers that open up after PGDM/MBA Finance qualifications – both in the Private as well as Government sectors – generally begin with roles in which the responsibility is mainly related to the financial improvement within […]

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full time PGDM and distance learning PGDM

Difference in full time PGDM and distance learning PGDM/MBA

Full-time PGDM or Distance PGDM/MBA? It is indeed a difficult decision to make for many students and experienced professionals who face this question after deciding to pursue a PGDM/MBA. Let us understand the main difference between full time PGDM and distance learning PGDM/MBA: Distance PGDM/MBA, as the name suggests, is taught or held through virtual mode. […]

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career of a student after completion of a PGDM 

Career of Student After Completion of PGDM Course

Generally speaking, a PGDM course helps equip business management students with a versatile skill set that can be applied to a variety of positions in the field. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of viable options as far as career of a student after completion of a PGDM course is concerned. Let us explore some […]

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PGDM is equivalent to MBA

When is PGDM equivalent to MBA?

The abbreviation MBA expands as Master of Business Administration, and PGDM spells-out as Post Graduate Diploma in Management. Although the two management courses look different, but actually both of them are almost the same. The biggest reason why postgraduate courses are termed as PGDM is because when an Institute is an autonomous body (and, therefore, […]

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PGDM programme equivalent to MBA 

Asian Business School (ABS) adds yet another achievement to its credentials; its flagship PGDM programme granted equivalence to MBA by Association of Indian Universities (AIU)!

Asian Business School (ABS) is extremely happy to share that the institute has added yet another achievement to its credentials with its flagship PGDM programme now being granted the equivalent status of MBA Degree by the esteemed national organization, Association of Indian Universities (AIU)! This recognition now also makes us one of the very few […]

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scope of PGDM HR

Scope of PGDM HR in India

PGDM-HRM – expanded as, “Postgraduate Diploma in Management-Human Resources Management” – is a 2-year full-time management program which offers a whole range of opportunities in the recruiting and staffing process. Proactively designed to provide eligible, suitable, and competent HR professionals with sufficient knowledge of business to all industrial sectors, it is considered as the highest […]

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social media

How can social media help your PG studies?

Over the years, “Social Media” has gained enormous credibility as a trusted source of information and platform where organizations – including education institutions – can interact with audiences. Today, we are witnessing education institutions adjusting these developments into their systems in a big way and banking on group resources and mechanisms to improve the student […]

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Challenges facing postgraduate students

Challenges facing postgraduate students (with solutions)

Come to think about it, it has never been easy to be a postgraduate student – pursuing further education while others are moving into the workforce – but it became so much harder in 2020 (and now in 2021) due to the major repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the concurrent times, it has been […]

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good entrepreneur/intrapreneur

What makes a good entrepreneur/intrapreneur?

In the present-day fast-paced digital economy, innovation is everything. You may be an entrepreneur building a startup right from scratch or an “intrapreneur” innovating within an established company –  know that the ability to develop a new idea from concept to successful execution can open up thrilling and well-paying career opportunities for you! However, becoming […]

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future leaders in a PGDM programme


The managers and leaders of the future today face looming challenges and opportunities that require new skills, specialist expertise and a fresh perspective to address – and the three main pillars for future leaders in a PGDM programme can look ahead are responsibility, sustainability and inclusivity. Each one of these concepts have come from a […]

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Sustainable Finance

What exactly is Sustainable Finance?

The concept of “Sustainable Finance” relates to any form of financial service integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the business or investment decisions for the lasting benefit of both clients and society at large. A sustainable financial centre is a financial marketplace that, by and large, contributes to sustainable development and value creation […]

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social capital 

How social capital can help deal with the pandemic more competently

Trapped inside an unprecedented health crisis called COVID-19 pandemic, if we look around us, we will find that there are some countries that have managed to fight the pandemic better than other countries and also some states in India that have managed better than others. And if you sit to analyze, there could be many […]

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