Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava
Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava


With another year of successful advancement towards the achievement of excellence in management education, Asian Business School has added accolades to its credits. Aligning with the requirements of the global market, where the right set of knowledge, skills and attitudes is the key to meet the requirements of the globalised economy and the opportunities across the globe, Asian Business School has nurtured its students not only for the corporate opportunities but also sensitized them to the important issues of global research.

In accordance with our belief that the personality of an individual is groomed by the environment he lives in, We at Asian Business School have developed a healthy and disciplined environment that ensures quality education through a corporate driven course curriculum, and an overall transformation of a student to a professional through practical labs, extra-curricular activities and major competitive events. ABS has now positioned itself as a genuine sanctuary for developing managerial skills.

Through the competent Corporate Resource Cell (CRC), we expose our students to the understanding of the dynamics of professional corporate culture. Continuous up-gradation on the basis of expert talks and feedback from industry has distinguished ABS as an institution of distinctive and competitive advantages. Corporate networking and mentoring have developed our students and improved their place-ability scores by aligning their Knowledge, Skill & Attitude with the key requirements of the job market.

The international visit to Oxford provides students an opportunity to explore and understand the international markets through interactive sessions during the exchange programme. The research work done by our students, on various important and current issues of international business, in the U.K, give them an edge in terms of international learning of cultural & corporate operational differences.

We extend support to the youth of the nation with a customized effort to nurture the abilities to the competence levels and build a strong skillful and talented nation to bridge the gaps of Indian and Global markets.