Oxford Study Programme

About OXFORD Study Programme

Oxford Business College is an independent education and training establishment specializing in Business Management courses situated at Oxford, UK. The college offers a wide range of business management courses of varying durations. These courses are tailored specifically to meet the corporate requirements.

Oxford Study Program is designed to give students the opportunity to earn Executive Diploma in International Business while residing in Oxford, UK. Along with classroom study, the Oxford Program includes participation in project work and on-site visits to historical and cultural venues in Oxford and London, U.K.

Academic Strengths

Faculty members of Oxford Business College carry not only outstanding academic qualifications, but they also have an extensive experience in senior management positions in corporate as well as academics.


Oxford Business College is located at 65 George Street, Oxford. George Street is a street in central Oxford, England. It is a shopping street running east-west. At its eastern end, it meets Cornmarket Street to the south, Broad Street to the east and Magdalen Street to the north. The New Theatre Oxford (formerly known as the Apollo Theatre), Oxford’s main commercial theatre, is in the street, while the Burton Taylor Studio is in Gloucester Street, which runs off the north side of George Street. At number 40 on the north side there is the Old Fire Station Theatre. Gloucester Green bus station is off the north of George Street at the western end. Companies such as the Oxford Bus Company operate services from here.