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With PGDM, Master the Skills Required to Sustain in the Corporate World

One’s success in the workplace is not necessarily tied to how intelligent they are, or how many qualifications they hold, or even how hard they work. Although these traits are important, it is the skills related to marketing, selling, networking, management, negotiation and communication that are the real determinants for success. Hard work will help one secure a job in the workplace, however their career progressions will stall without developing their business skills required to sustain in the corporate world. It is here that the management course of PGDM stands in strong stead for all aspirants who are keen to develop these cardinal corporate-world skills and thereby build a great career for themselves.

Management courses, be it an MBA or PGDM, are excellent sources facilitating the improvement of leadership and innovative qualities that are a significant component of the business skills required to sustain in the corporate world. The huge popularity of management study can be accounted to top-notch job opportunities and career advancements that it proffers for aspirants. It is because of the evolving scope of management/PGDM skills and the requirement of managers across the sectors that people, irrespective of their prior education, have started considering PGDM for higher education in a big way.

Generally speaking, the goal of management training is to enhance overall productivity. Working as a manager can be demanding yet thrilling. In addition, it shall be crucial in terms of career enhancement. Most management courses today provide one with an option to specialize in their interest area.

The right management course shall lead one’s way towards developing decision-making skills and better predict the future crisis. In a developing nation like India where new companies are emerging every day, companies need to hire individuals with the highest caliber and proficiency. In this new era of startups today, a huge demand for management graduates is on the rise in the evolving market scenario.

So it is that we can see today many individuals moving towards PGDM and dumping the traditional MBA programme for obvious reasons. Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programme is an enhanced and more industry-specific version of the MBA programme. Considering its stress on practical understanding, completing a PGDM course is more likely to land a job at a higher position in a company. The diversified teaching methods and the skills imparted via a PGDM curriculum lead the diploma holder’s path to stand apart in the recruitment process.

Some of the important ways how PGDM skills can help one sustain their position in the corporate world include its being a Dynamic Industry-Oriented Programme; the Programme being Based on Practical Approach; general preference of employers for candidates with higher qualifications; the programme being taught by faculty with industry exposure; and the programmes’ fostering of most relevant Job-related skills among students.

PGDM at Asian Business School (ABS), Noida

In the wake of a rapid surge in the demand for management professionals, India is proving to be a management ecosystem. Those days have gone by when people considered studying abroad to equip themselves with managerial skills. In view of the rising demand for top-notch managerial professionals, ABS, Noida offers dual specialisation PGDM Course with multiple additional diplomas and certifications centered towards industry requirements. ABS PGDM is a foundation stone for management aspirants. The institute is duly approved by AICTE and has several recognitions and awards. The flagship PGDM program that is offered here is accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and has been granted equivalence to MBA Degree of an Indian University by Association of Indian Universities (AIU). The PGDM course offered at ABS is for two years, divided into 4 semesters. The institute offers dual specialization from the electives Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Information Technology along with the choice of open elective courses in Retail Management, Tourism & Hospitality Management, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, and Micro & Small Business Management. In order to provide students an exposure to the international business scenario, this PGDM institution in Noida has a Student Exchange Programme with Oxford Business College (United Kingdom) of global repute. PGDM at ABS, Noida would be an ideal way to kick off your management journey in case you wish to devote your next two years to management training. Asian Business School offers ample opportunities to explore yourself via its multi-disciplinary courses.