abs_top placement opportunities

Why & How a PGDM via ABS Noida Makes for Top Industry Jobs?

Today, any leading management institute offering PGDM courses is defined by its ability to provide a hands-on education that could allow its students to enhance their practical skills and gain corporate knowledge. The goal of an elite business school is to create industry-ready employable candidates, especially in times of this fierce competition.    Asian Business […]

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abs_Top business school

Your Last Chance to Study Business from the top B-school in India

Students are currently rushing to take admissions to top PGDM/MBA colleges in Delhi, NCR, Pune, Hyderabad or elsewhere across the country. Those management aspirants who are still looking out for any good business college in Noida, you still have your chance of acquiring a top-notch management education with ABS Noida.   For the 2022 session, […]

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abs_risk manager

An Influential Business Education that Prepare Managers of Tomorrow

The most popular way to move successfully forward for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders is by pursuing a business management degree. This degree enables them to develop a broad understanding of business and take up global career opportunities.   In addition to developing analytical and evaluative skills, a management degree also helps in possessing the […]

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abs_advertising manager career

What Futuristic Options Does the Marketing Domain Hold After Masters?

Are you interested in creating strategies and understanding consumers?    Is it your dream to work on market research and influence the way companies market and sell their products?   Then, look no further – a career in marketing is waiting for you!   Professionals with a marketing management background can easily find jobs at […]

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abs_Tips to crack GP/PI

Tips to Crack GD/PI And Get Through the Best Management College

Source Group discussions, personal interviews, and writing skills are critical parts of the MBA or PGDM admission process. Each year, lakhs of students prepare for the process and hope to get enrolled in the top MBA colleges in India of their choice. These admission interviews are conducted by the best MBA colleges in Noida, Mumbai, […]

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Effective Leadership

Top 10 characteristics of Effective Leadership

Effective leadership can mean many things to different people. One good definition of an effective leader is “a person who does the following: Creates an inspiring vision of the future. Motivates and inspires people to engage with that vision. Manages delivery of the vision. Coaches and builds a team, so that it is more effective at […]

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skills corporates look

What skills do corporations look while hiring a PGDM student?

In view of the popularity of the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) qualification for graduate college students, PGDM grads may want to stand out in a crowd. It is here that knowing what skills corporates look for might turn out to be the key differentiator. The qualification costs close to a fortune per year at the […]

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Importance of a Management Degree 

What is the Importance of a Management Degree?

The importance of a Management Degree stems from the fact that management courses are an outstanding medium that can facilitate the improvement of several professional qualities such as leadership and innovation. Indeed, management courses happen to be the most popular courses among all colleges and universities across the world today. This is also because a management degree […]

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PGDM course

How does a PGDM Course help in developing your skills?

A PGDM course aims to prepare candidates who want to make a career in the field of management. The course includes the intricacies of several basic and advanced concepts of management to make candidates well-versed with the know-how of the business. Besides, a PGDM course provides practical training to make candidates understand how to apply concepts they have learned […]

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PGDM Marketing

How to answer why PGDM Marketing in an interview?

For a student who enrolls for a PGDM course, it is quite normal that they would not initially know which specialization to pursue. However, after the first few of months of study, they would certainly end up developing their favourites. And, if you are one such student who has chosen PGDM Marketing as a specialization, you must […]

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funnel management

Funnel Management – Prospecting to Closing Deals

The one big tool that helps sales representatives turn cold prospects into hot leads is the sales funnel. As a matter of fact, improving sales funnel efficiency is generally among the top priorities in order to boost sales performance. It makes sense because a great sales funnel gives salespeople an insight into their potential customer’s […]

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Global exposure

Importance of Global Exposure in Management Studies

If we closely observe the world of business today, we will find that a global mindset is becoming increasingly important for surviving in this competitive business world, where every economy and business is interconnected. Therefore, the knowledge of international markets has become vital for all stakeholders, including students of management studies. Thus it is that […]

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cracking GMAT

Tips for Cracking GMAT Critical Reasoning Questions

The critical analysis questions appear in the verbal section of the GMAT exam. While there are 36 questions in total in the verbal section, around 11 questions related to critical reasoning are entailed in this section. The GMAT critical analysis section is framed to test the ability of the candidate to evaluate and draw a […]

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skills required to sustain in the corporate world

With PGDM, Master the Skills Required to Sustain in the Corporate World

One’s success in the workplace is not necessarily tied to how intelligent they are, or how many qualifications they hold, or even how hard they work. Although these traits are important, it is the skills related to marketing, selling, networking, management, negotiation and communication that are the real determinants for success. Hard work will help […]

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What is PGDM?

The abbreviation PGDM stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Management. As the name suggests, it is a postgraduate diploma course that encompasses the study of the intricacies of different aspects of management and the business industry. Although the course curriculum of PGDM is much the same as that of MBA, it is a management course […]

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2 Year PGDM

ABS 2 Year PGDM-Dual Specialization: A truly cutting-edge programme!

Asian Business School is an innovative centre of academic excellence and is billed as one of the top B-Schools in India for PGDM, recognized and approved by AICTE, Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India. The flagship 2 Year PGDM program offered here is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and granted equivalence […]

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PGDM Marketing

Scope of PGDM Marketing in India

In the recent times, PGDM MARKETING – spelt out as Postgraduate Diploma Management in Marketing – has come up as a most sought-after degree by both students as well as the corporate world. This course specialization of PGDM Marketing explores the fundamental approaches to understand markets and portfolios of product offering. Some of the key attributes […]

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PGDM equivalent to MBA

Benefits of PGDM Equivalent to MBA

As most of us know, the biggest difference between PGDM and MBA is that while the former is considered as a post graduate diploma programme in management, the latter comes as a degree programme of management studies that is somehow valued more than a diploma. While the two courses look different, actually both the courses […]

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Corporate communication 

Importance of Corporate Communication in the Business World

Corporate communication strategy is a major part of any company’s environment. Generally understood, this affects not only how top-level managers speak to each other and their team, but also how everyone in the company speaks to their clients and customers. In the absence of effective company communication, team members often miss important information, feel left out […]

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PGDM eligible for NET

Are all AICTE approved PGDM eligible for NET?

In order to answer the question “Are all AICTE approved PGDM eligible for NET?”, let us first understand some fundamental things about NET: The abbreviation NET stands for National Eligibility Test and it is conducted on behalf of the University Grants Commission (UGC). It is essentially a national level eligibility test that recruits candidates for […]

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Challenges PGDM/MBA students faces

How to overcome key challenges PGDM/MBA students faces?

The decision of pursuing a PGDM/MBA programme can be exciting and daunting at the same time. On one hand, the student will be entering a world of countless opportunities; on the other hand, they will have to overcome challenges they never knew would come their way. However, PGDM/MBA is the right push their career needs […]

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