Akshay Marwah
Akshay Marwah


Welcome to the Asian Business School (ABS), where we prepare future business leaders to thrive in a global environment. Our commitment is to not just educate, but to inspire innovation and instill an entrepreneurial mindset in all our students. We aim to equip you with critical thinking, adaptability, and the entrepreneurial skills necessary to excel in today’s fast-changing world.

India’s dynamic economy and its role in the global market present unique opportunities for learning and growth. ABS taps into this vibrant setting to offer an educational experience that combines global perspectives with rich diversity. Our AICTE-approved PGDM program is crafted to address the needs of the contemporary business landscape, blending theoretical knowledge with practical insights.

At the heart of our approach is the encouragement of entrepreneurial thinking. We urge our students to think creatively, embrace challenges as opportunities, and innovate. This emphasis on entrepreneurship is supported by a curriculum that promotes creativity, business acumen, and hands-on learning experiences.

Through collaborative research, partnerships with prestigious institutions like Oxford Business College, and our proactive Corporate Resource Cell (CRC), we ensure our students are ready to make a significant impact in the corporate world or as entrepreneurs. We stress the importance of ethical decision-making and social responsibility, aiming to produce graduates who contribute positively to society and the global economy.

As we move forward with our “Growth with Education” mission, we are excited to see our students develop into leaders who are confident, creative, and ready to tackle global market challenges. ABS is not just a place to learn; it’s a platform for future innovators and entrepreneurs to start their journey.

I invite you to join the Asian Business School and embark on a journey of academic achievement, professional growth, and entrepreneurial exploration. Together, let’s unlock the vast possibilities that await.