ABS has earned to its credit another achievement of becoming an AIMA BizLab accredited institute. AIMA BizLab accreditation is a part of our endeavour to enhance the managerial skills and entrepreneurial acumen of our students. We are among the very few privileged institutes across India to be AIMA BizLab accredited.

All India Management Association (AIMA), as the national apex body of management profession in the country is committed to enhancing the competence of management profession through its multifaceted activities. AIMA is represented on the Boards of India’s premier Business Institutions and also represented on Boards of Government bodies including the AICTE, National Board of Accreditation, National Productivity Council to name a few.

AIMA’s simulation based eLearning portal AIMA BizLab has been designed to make the process of understanding business, especially in the Indian context, interactive and fun oriented. It helps to infuse business leadership qualities in the budding managers of tomorrow. AIMA BizLab is a first of its kind virtual lab for management students through which students may “experiment” with various management strategies and tactics on the given scenario.

AIMA BizLab simulation training is a part of the certification in Entrepreneurship and will make students eligible for an additional Business gamer certification from AIMA Bizlab upon successful completion of the training.

Program Content

AIMA BizLab recreates real life business environment in a virtual game. Participants are put in charge of companies, which compete against each other in a series of simulated rounds. Detailed analysis is provided at the end of each simulation round, which will help you improve on your decisions for the next round.

Learning outcomes:

  • Thinking in entrepreneurial perspective – Vision and Mission
  • Analysis of data and Identifying issues of concerns
  • Optimization of resources – Machine (capacity), Material, Money
  • Applying strategy into Action Plan, execution (decision) and review
  • Understanding financial statements and their application
  • Prediction of market probabilities – tackling uncertainties
  • Demand and Supply assessment in cut throat competition
  • Inventory management
  • Realization of risk factor in the business (Calculative Risk)
  • Evaluating the approaches to lead or follow