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Importance of Global Exposure in Management Studies

If we closely observe the world of business today, we will find that a global mindset is becoming increasingly important for surviving in this competitive business world, where every economy and business is interconnected. Therefore, the knowledge of international markets has become vital for all stakeholders, including students of management studies. Thus it is that the importance of international or global exposure has become more significant than ever.

Global exposure, in many ways, helps the students to get out of their shell and become bolder and also helps them to broaden their horizon. Moreover, students get to interact with international personalities. And if the students wish to work within travel and hospitality related international corporations that frequently engage with businesses and consumers globally, such exposure will be all the more helpful for them. In addition, students who are interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of global practices in a varied range of business fields should consider looking for international opportunities in whichever institute they wish to pursue their management studies.

Global exposure makes students more sensitive to different cultures and makes accepting cultural diversity readily. Besides, with international exposure, students can earn geographically transferable skills. They will get to learn how people from different parts of the world have a different approach to solve everyday problems. It is because of this reason that management students are being increasingly provided with opportunities to study or work abroad with the best MBA/PGDM programmes as a part of their course.

The ability to engage socially well with the international crowd will benefit the management students on the recruitment front as well. To be successful in high-level business environments, it is required that an individual must be able to communicate well with people from different countries and cultures. Thus, a management graduate must be well acquainted with the different business trends and behaviours in different markets.

During the course of their management studies, the students will learn to exchange their ideas and study the importance of building tight-knit learning communities. Global exposure can bring great value to the individual’s resume, as diverse backgrounds enrich community learning experiences. This will help the management students build stronger connections in the business world, whether they are working in native countries or internationally, and will help them effectively operate across different firms.

After their MBA/PGDM, the chances of taking up a role in a foreign country are pretty good for students. It is for this very reason that many management graduates seek for a global brand to start their career with. Top business schools like Asian Business School (ABS), Noida aptly prepare students for this. If one has had a prior experience of dealing with international diversity, recruiters may be more receptive to their profile. By bearing in mind the realistic view of the business scenario and practices in a different country, students can derive strategies that are doing well in peculiar markets and apply the same in their respective countries. Seizing and capitalizing on this experience is a crucial part of learning in a good management school.

Global exposure in management studies with ABS

Ranked 7th Amongst ‘Top B-Schools of Excellence’ by CSR-GHRDC, Asian Business School is a part of Delhi NCR-based Asian Education Group (AEG) that enjoys a legacy of 29 years of Excellence in Education. The institute is considered as an innovative centre of academic excellence and is one of the top B-Schools in India for PGDM, recognized and approved by AICTE, Ministry of Education (MoE), Govt. of India. The core PGDM program offered at Asian Business School is accredited by National Board of Accreditation (NBA) and granted equivalence to MBA Degree of an Indian University by Association of Indian Universities (AIU).

With a view to reinforce the cross-cultural learning experience of the PGDM program, Asian Business School (ABS) organizes an international study trip to Oxford, UK, for all its students each year. This comes as a part of the ABS PGDM core curriculum.

In keeping with this ABS PGDM course curriculum offering, ABS PGDM students earn an Executive Diploma in International Business at the completion of their study trip to Oxford Business College, Oxford, London (U.K.). This international diploma is offered in combination with other six diplomas.

Thus, the Oxford Study Program is designed to give students the opportunity to earn Executive Diploma in International Business while residing in Oxford, UK. In addition to classroom study, the Oxford Program includes participation in project work and on-site visits to historical and cultural venues in Oxford and London, UK.

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