Teaching Pedagogy

With its distinctive pedagogy, ABS is able to develop its students into knowledgeable professionals. Taking into account the paradoxical fact that while a curriculum’s theoretical components remain constant, its practical applications change. A traditional change in delivery methodology can result in a successful integration of the learning environment.

Based on the concept of “Blended Learning,” ABS believes in providing active learning experiences through an interactive learning process. The main goal of blended learning is to use the best delivery method while taking into account the difficulty of the subject matter and the learning capacity of the students. Blended learning facilitates the understanding and application of traditional curriculum in a creative and efficient way.

Blended Learning Methodology

Classroom Methodologies (Internal Exposure)

  • Multi-disciplinary programs and projects, student centered pedagogy.
  • Use of Multimedia (power point presentation, audio, visuals)
  • Case Studies, Games, Simulations, Group Activities, Role Play.
  • Skill Based Learning exercises
  • Scenario Analysis, Group Discussions, Quiz, one on one discussion
  • Z to A approach, mentoring & coaching
Beyond Classrooms (External Exposure)

  • Industry Visits
  • Guest Talks
  • Conference’s
  • Live Projects
  • Seminars/summits
  • Internships
  • Development Programs
  • Special Workshops
  • Learning Exchange Programs
  • Research based Projects

The traditional method of teaching, which involves teacher and student interaction, has been used since antiquity. The majority of educators followed this approach, in which the student learned by listening to the teacher lecture. The optimal use of classroom methodologies is when they are enhanced by student involvement through teacher engagement. This kind of classroom engagement enables students to recognise their unique learning styles and maximise their knowledge retention.

This facilitates comprehension of complicated concepts and provides students with a clear understanding of

when to apply the principle?

Where should one apply?

How can I apply?

Beyond Classroom

In addition to classroom pedagogy, students today seek exposure to develop their employability in accordance with industry demands. This entails the incorporation of educational methods beyond the classroom, problem-based learning among them. Since knowledge is no longer confined to the classroom, numerous techniques are being used to satisfy the demands of industries and close the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge.