Teaching Pedagogy

ABS with its unique teaching pedagogy is able to transform its students into intellectual professionals.

  • Considering the ironic fact that theoretical aspect of any curriculum does not change but the applications of the same do.
  • A conventional twist in delivering pattern can lead toward successful implication of learning environment.
  • ABS believes in delivering active learning experience through an interactive learning process based on the principle of “Blended Learning”
  • Blended learning focuses on – use of optimal method of delivering, keeping in mind the complexity of topic and students competency to learn.
  • Blended learning helps in understanding and learning of regular curriculum in an innovative & effective manner.

Blended Learning Methodology

Classroom Methodologies (Internal Exposure)

  • Multi-disciplinary programs and projects, student centered pedagogy.
  • Use of Multimedia (power point presentation, audio, visuals)
  • Case Studies, Games, Simulations, Group Activities, Role Play.
  • Guest Lectures
  • Scenario Analysis, Group Discussions, Quiz, one on one discussion
  • Z to A approach, mentoring & coaching
Beyond Classrooms (External Exposure)

  • Industry Visits
  • Conference’s
  • Live Projects
  • Seminars/summits
  • Internships
  • Development Programs
  • Special Workshops
  • Learning Exchange Programs
  • Research based Projects

Traditional approach of teaching that is interaction between the Teacher and Students has been in practice form ancient times. It was adopted by most of the teachers, where the learner used to get the knowledge through the lecture delivered by the teacher. Classrooms Methodologies serves best when they are supplemented by the student participation through interaction with the Teacher. This type of interaction in the class helps the learners to identify their own learning methods and grasp the maximum knowledge.

Beyond Classroom

Apart from the classroom teaching pedagogy, students today indeed require exposure to enhance their employability as per the demand of industry. This necessitates adoption of beyond classroom teaching methodologies, carving problem-based learning approach among them. Since knowledge is no longer confined within the scope of classroom, various methodologies are being practiced to meet the expectation of industries and narrow down the gap between conceptual and practical knowledge.

Industry Visits

Industrial Visits help students gain first-hand information regarding functioning of the industry which presents the students with opportunities to plan, organize and engage in active learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom.