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What government jobs can a PGDM/MBA Finance student get?

PGDM/MBA Finance is the most sought-after PGDM/MBA specialization because of its immense growth prospects in Banking, Financial Services & Insurance sectors. Careers that open up after PGDM/MBA Finance qualifications – both in the Private as well as Government sectors – generally begin with roles in which the responsibility is mainly related to the financial improvement within the specific firm that is hiring the candidate. The diverse PGDM/MBA Finance job roles that are offered to candidates include that of a Finance Manager, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Research Analyst, and so on. And, all of these job roles come with a handsome starting annual salary package!

PGDM/MBA Finance Government Jobs

PGDM/MBA graduates want to get into government jobs because of several reasons like respect, security, financial stability, and other benefits. So is that Government jobs or PSU jobs are very popular in India. It is also important to choose a college with a better PGDM Course placement opportunities. Some of the most popular government jobs that one can join after completing their PGDM/MBA Finance qualification can be briefly enumerated as below:

  1. Management Trainee

Management Trainee is one of the best jobs that one can apply for as a fresher after completing their PGDM/MBA progamme. Government organizations normally hire management trainees from time-to-time for different positions in different departments such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, etc.

  1. General Manager Posts in Bank & Other PSUs

After completing one’s PGDM/MBA course, one can apply for general manager profile in Banks. All government banks invite applications for general manager profile from time-to-time.

  1. Specialist Officer Job in Government Banks

Another post that is available in government banks for the PGDM/MBA students is that of a ‘Specialist Officer’. Some types of special officer jobs available in banks are Marketing Officer, Personnel Officer, etc.

  1. Chief Executive Officer

The post of CEO is another type of higher management job that is available for PGDM/MBAs in the government sector. Although this job profile is not for everyone, experienced people with relevant experience are invited by government companies for this profile from time to time.

  1. Junior and Senior Executive Jobs in PSUs and Banks

Similar to the special officer jobs, PSUs and government organizations also recruit junior and senior-level executives for different departments such as Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology, Operations, etc.


You must have noticed that government banks and PSUs recruit PGDM/MBA professionals for the managerial profiles. You can apply for a post based on your specific PGDM/MBA specialization. If you are a fresher, you can apply for the management trainee and other junior level profiles, but if you have gathered some experience, you can also apply for senior-level manager profiles.

And, apart from the positions that we have mentioned above, PGDM/MBA professionals can also apply for all the jobs, where the required qualification is a post-graduate qualification.