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One of the perennial questions of entrepreneurship is, “are entrepreneurs born or made?” 


Perhaps the most accurate answer is that both of them hold true. 


A few people might fit the ‘gifted individual’ media stereotype who achieved excellent business success very early. In contrast, there are many examples where entrepreneurship courses at universities/colleges seem to help students bridge the gap between business theory and practical experience and ultimately help them achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. 


One of the most remarkable aspects of educating young minds about entrepreneurship is giving them access to myriad experiences that will empower them to start and run a business. These budding entrepreneurs require skills that only management colleges and practical learning can teach. 


Critical skills and detailed business knowledge are essential in today’s fast-paced business world. Whether they own a family business or are about to launch a start-up, future business leaders must possess the skills necessary to identify market opportunities and use them creatively. And for this, obtaining a professional degree can be the path one might want to take.


For example, Asian Business School Noida is one such college that provides all the necessary programs and innovative pedagogy methods to help students achieve their entrepreneurial dreams!


Journey to Entrepreneurship Success with ABS Noida


ABS Noida’s PGDM program offers students a chance to explore new learning opportunities and build business strengths. In addition, their PGDM curriculum emphasizes holistic learning, ranging from marketing and innovation studies to technical business processes. 


ABS, one of the best management colleges in Noida, ensures quality education by providing its students with a unique approach to entrepreneurship by establishing its incubation centre, EDIC – Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Center. 


The platform prepares students to be more creative and self-confident in taking rational risks when starting an enterprise. EDIC also offers Entrepreneurship Development Programs to allow students to develop their entrepreneurial skills and take entrepreneurship as a career option. 


Additionally, it sponsors guest lectures, awareness campaigns, seminars & workshops, quizzes, and competitions to promote knowledge on entrepreneurship.


Know More about their Incubation Center


The incubation centre at ABS Noida assists entrepreneurs in documenting their ventures, marketing them, and recruiting them. It also helps conduct surveys on start-up companies’ market opportunities and industry preferences. In addition, it provides financial assistance to start-ups by students of Asian Business School.


In short, EDIC’s incubation centre is a fantastic platform that assists ABS students interested in starting their businesses.


Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2022: The Most Recent Initiative by EDIC


EDIC recently hosted the Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 competition. The teams stepped up their efforts to win the Seed Find of Rs. 5 Lacs, funded by the institute.


Rohini; Kushagra Tiwari, Anushka Tyagi, and Aman Singh; Himanshu Kumar and Adesh Kumar; Alok Gupta; Ashish Sharma; Kartik Rattan, and Aman Sinha were among the teams that made it to the finale of the competition.


The Faculty Mentors assisted the teams with various aspects of their business ideas, including technical feasibility, market analysis, and financial aspects.


Mr Vikas Bagaria, Founder of Pee-Safe, was the event’s Chief Guest and Judge, and he was captivated by the plans presented – from agriculture to entertainment, pharmaceutical to healthcare – each and every idea was innovative and realistic.


While Alok Gupta, Kartik Rattan, and Aman Sinha made history by winning the Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year’ 2022 competition, Dr Swati Bhatia, the winning team’s Faculty Mentor, received an Apple iPad as a token of appreciation from the institute for guiding her team.


ABS Institution Innovation Council (ABS-IIC)


To systematically promote the culture of innovation among Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in India, the Ministry of Education (MoE), the Govt of India, created an Innovation Cell (MIC). 


ABS-IIC is built keeping in mind the vision of the MIC that facilitates and motivates a culture of innovation among students and promotes the development of change among them.


Its mission is to encourage, inspire, and nurture young students by supporting their new ideas and creating prototypes during their formative years.


ABS-IIC’s priority areas include:


  • Integrating a vibrant, revolutionized ecosystem and student start-up support mechanism into the campus.
  • Overall institution achievement rankings through the Innovation Achievements Framework.
  • Scouting and pre-incubating ideas using a functional ecosystem.


Certification in Entrepreneurship



This course explores entrepreneurial theories, processes, and challenges through classroom lectures, assessments and activities. The knowledge and skills students acquire through this certification help them plan innovative business start-ups and facilitate them through research and consulting. 


Moreover, it assists in enhancing the role of students within society and the economy through Social Entrepreneurship. As a result, students develop entrepreneurial attitudes, skills, and knowledge throughout the program.


In addition, during a series of guest lectures, three first-generation entrepreneurs who have made it big from scratch visit and discuss their experiences with students about their entrepreneurship journeys and provide students with tips on starting their ventures.


Business Gamer Certification From AIMA BizLab



The AIMA BizLab is a premier virtual laboratory for management students. Like other education laboratories, AIMA BizLab software allows students to experiment with management strategies and tactics in a given scenario. In addition, AIMA BizLab provides an unparalleled learning experience that takes into account the learning habits of the new generation of students.


BizLab experiments expose students to situations requiring them to apply concepts from the management curriculum. In this way, it helps to develop a holistic view of various aspects of management. BizLab engine is fueled by Artificial Intelligence technology that responds dynamically to students’ strategies and provides a competitive experience that helps build a real-life experience. 


The best part is that ABS has achieved this milestone of becoming an AIMA BizLab accredited institute. The AIMA BizLab accreditation program is ABS’ way of enhancing student managerial skills and entrepreneurial abilities. The ABS is among a reputed selected group of institutes across India that is AIMA BizLab accredited.


Furthermore, the AIMA BizLab simulation training is included in the Entrepreneurship certification, which qualifies students for a Business Gamer certification by AIMA BizLab upon completing the training.


Road Not Taken


Possibly the readers are wondering what “Road Not Taken” means.


Well, ABS-EDIC has been organizing this Annual Inter-College Business Plan Competition since 2017, titled “Road Not Taken.”


It is a grand event that brings together colleges from around the country to showcase their innovative business ideas. These business ideas are judged based on their technical, social, environmental, and economic feasibility, ability to scale, and financial acumen.


Panellists include entrepreneurs from different domains, such as startup owners, entrepreneurs from entrepreneurship faculties, venture capitalists, bank managers, and alumni of the ABS Noida who have established their businesses or startups.


Not just that! ABS-EDIC also provides seed funding for ABS students with the best startup ideas! Their startups are handled, incubated, and funded under the ABS-EDIC program. 




Given the need of the hour, innovation is placed on a high pedestal in ABS Noida. Not only does it create unmatched value for existing family businesses, but it is especially valuable when launching a new venture and expanding it. Moreover, a comprehensive approach to entrepreneurship enables aspiring entrepreneurs to remain competitive in the business world and maintain a leading edge.


Asian Business School is one of the top business schools in Delhi, NCR,  devoted to achieving a sustainable future for all. Accordingly, its flagship postgraduate program (ABS PGDM) incorporates sustainable practices throughout its core curriculum.


Those interested in learning more about the Asian Business School entrepreneurial experience or an in-depth insight into ABS-EDIC must visit their website.