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In-demand PGDM Specializations at ABS Noida

MBA colleges in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and across India moved to e-learning during the pandemic, and it necessitated a novel pedagogy to help teachers and students deal with the transition. Even though online classes were slower than regular classes, the knowledge gained in an online session was almost as good as in a physical class.

Colleges will have to find a way to render experiential rather than practical learning due to programs like PGDM becoming more accessible online. Students must also be taught sustainability issues as part of management education to be prepared for today’s challenges and understand the necessity of purpose and social responsibility to maximize profits.

Management programs will be increasingly scrutinized for their ability to disseminate learning by doing, and they will need to keep changing the way they assess students in their courses, exams and grading/ranking for projects completed during the program.

Adapting to Technology

Claiming that digital will hit campuses is incorrect. Moreover, business schools need to continue investing in on-campus experiences. However, failing to anticipate the emergence of new digital competitors would also be a mistake. Management institutions should plan for the future by developing programs that gather online and contemporary content.

Business schools will need to rapidly focus on technology, innovation, and purpose.

Including Experiential learning

Experience-based learning in PGDM contributes to developing skills and personal maturity among students, and it prepares them to surpass their industry expectations by exposing them to real-world markets, textbook studies, and basic concepts.

Today, a mixture of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality has facilitated immersive learning that’s more engaging and interesting. Immersive virtual reality allows the recreation of a real-world environment, enabling complex learning.

Best PGDM Specializations in Management Education

PGDM in Finance

Finance and accounting are the most popular courses, and it prepares students for a career in the highly complex field of finance. The PGDM in Finance prepares you for strategic and high-quality investments and financial solutions for corporations, governments, high-net-worth individuals, and institutions.

Those pursuing this degree learn how to manage client relationships, work in advisory groups, and plan financial transactions. The program assists financial professionals in dealing with bonds, stocks, foreign economic issues, domestic issues, and currency risks.

You could work as a commodity analyst, assistant consultant, investment advisor, financial controller, stock analyst, investment banking associate, or back-office analyst pursuing this specialization.

PGDM in Marketing

Marketing is a requisite component of any business, and its new-age techniques differ from traditional marketing systems.

Students learn business processes and practices through the PGDM in Marketing and understand how economics works in the world marketplace. It teaches students skills such as management and decision-making. The course is rewarding in perks, incentives, and salary packages, making it a popular choice for many.

PGDM in International Business

The specialization in International Business can be rewarding for you in a globalized world, and this degree will open doors for performing in multinational companies or even getting a job overseas. PGDM in International Business is about driving business internationally, so you learn about international trade, economy, cultures, communities, and accounting laws.

You will be the most sought-after candidate in multinational and overseas companies with a PGDM in international business. The pay scale is frequently competitive, with benefits and opportunities.

Asian Business School, the best PGDM college in Noida, is already catering to the global aspect of management education. Its 7-day international program to Oxford, UK, aspires to cultivate, nurture, and foster international exposure through high-quality education.


As the business environment in which companies of all sizes operate becomes more competitive and complex, management philosophy has shifted from asset management to human resource management. It now encompasses many integral organizational functions not previously considered within personnel or labor relations.

PGDM in Human Resource Management is intended to provide students with skills in strategic and human resource planning, compensation, recruitment, training and development, career planning, organizational effectiveness, employee relations, and collective bargaining.

Today, the world is open to those who dare to dream big, and PGDM at ABS Noida is one such journey that transforms students into industry-ready professionals who can leverage their skills in the dynamic management job market.