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Future of marketing

Are you interested in creating strategies and understanding consumers? 


Is it your dream to work on market research and influence the way companies market and sell their products?


Then, look no further – a career in marketing is waiting for you!


Professionals with a marketing management background can easily find jobs at some of the top-notch organizations such as Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Capgemini, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, IndusInd Bank, and Microsoft – the list is endless.


Salary in Marketing: What to Expect?

salary in marketing

With a PGDM degree, students can expect to earn a handsome salary and a world-class career profile. Typically, recently graduated PGDM students earn between 6-7 lacs annually. PGDM graduates (freshers) from top B-schools in Delhi, NCR, Pune, or anywhere in the country earn 3-15 LPAs each year. 


Getting ahead in management requires your time, skills, and experience hence, an individual with good knowledge and experience in the requisite skills can expect to earn a 15-40 LPA.


Following a PGDM program, there are a plethora of career options available in the marketing industry. To illustrate, let’s examine the most popular career paths that can be taken in marketing:



  • Brand Manager

Brand Manager


Brand managers are among the most dynamic and creative marketing professionals.


It is the job of the brand manager to build and market a brand. It is an exciting, creative, experiential, and dynamic career choice that keeps you on your toes! It is the task of a brand manager to create an image of a specific product positively among an audience.


In terms of their job profile, they formulate long-term strategies, interpret the market, and promote and advertise their products. They need to work closely with advertising managers, sales managers, and CRM managers. 


Notably, advertising skills, promotional tactics, and customer relations can help brand managers increase their brand value.


Salary Bracket


As a brand manager, your base salary could be in the range of 6-8 lacs per annum, which would increase to 10-12 lacs with enough experience and skills.



  • Market Research Analyst

market research analyst


Market research analysts examine keywords, survey responses, social media mentions, and other data to discover latest trends. As a result, companies have access to actionable insights that will help them develop everything from competitive product launches to effective marketing campaigns. 


Students who opt for a career in Market Research after completing a PGDM degree in Marketing are responsible for assessing consumer choices to help organizations decide how to advertise, market, and shape their products and services. They would also design surveys and research methodologies to gather information, analyze data, as well as help plan and build marketing strategies.


So, the market research analyst is quite a specialized work profile since the term big data defines how an organization targets its customers and communicates with them.


Many organizations such as Amazon, and Nielsen, hire marketing analysts from top b-schools.


Salary Bracket


An entry-level Market Research Analyst could earn between 6-8 lacs per annum, and with adequate experience and skills, their salaries could be as high as 15-20 lacs.


  • Public Relations Manager

Public relations


It is imperative that the PR Manager coordinates all public relations activities within the organization. This requires working together with other departments as well. In addition to developing marketing communications plans, they also need to develop media relations strategies.


Salary Bracket


Initial salaries for PR managers are between 4-5 lacs per year. The package increases from 7-9 lacs per annum after 5-9 years of experience.


  • Business Development Manager

Business Development manager


The role of Business Development in an organization is quite creative with challenging aspects as well. Their responsibility is to develop new business opportunities, as well as to meet the existing targets. In essence, this is a sales position. Google, Facebook, HUL, and other companies hire specialists for such roles from top business schools in Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, or elsewhere in the country.


Marketing graduates working as business development managers are concerned with business growth, and building relationships with clients, suppliers, customers, and other partners. It would be their responsibility to think strategically, set goals, and promote the business. Moreover, they would have to plan extensively to implement operational changes.


Salary Bracket


Business development managers can expect to earn between 6-8 lacs per annum, which can easily surpass 10-12 lacs with sufficient experience and skills.


  • Media & Advertising Manager

advertising manager career


Digitization has given wings to digital marketing, and it has become quite popular with marketing students. Digital marketing is emerging to be a domain that incorporates more roles and skills than marketing has ever done before. 


Top MBA colleges in India with the highest placements have a long list of recruiters such as  HUL, Nestle and ABGLP hire students for digital roles.


Digital Marketing includes versatile jobs in Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Web Content Writing, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, etc., both for B2B and B2C businesses. 


Salary Bracket


An entry-level digital marketing manager’s salary could range between 5-7 lacs per year, but would easily increase to 12-14 lacs with experience and skills.


Another trend that appears to be gaining popularity at the moment is data analysis. With the proliferation of AI devices and machine learning, media careers are also evolving. To meet this need, both technical and non-technical careers in media are changing. 


The industry now offers technical content writers and data journalists. There are professionals who understand how to influence people and who build software and systems to deal with the data deluge.


To sum it up, whether it is mainstream careers or the new and emerging careers, media and marketing are still the largest and fast- growing sectors.


So, if you are someone who gets excited about the latest technological developments in the field of marketing then pursuing a PGDM degree from a reputed management college in Noida, like Asian Business School is the right path. 


By offering an international curriculum and effective teaching practices, ABS’ PGDM degree program aims to provide students with a strong theoretical and conceptual base.


Good luck on your journey to marketing success!