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Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) are two-year management programs that provide students with a unique insight into the dynamic discipline of business management and equip them to analyze and apply the concepts of Economics, Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Human Resource Management to the business world.


But amongst them, which is the best course to choose? What could be the best path to a great career?


These are some of the questions that have baffled almost every student! 


This was because a while ago, PGDM and MBA had a vast difference other than just the names of these courses.


However, times changed, and so did everything along with it. Presently, the gap between the two programs is narrowing, and several colleges are now providing a management education whose significance is equivalent to both a PGDM and an MBA. 


The exponential rise in demand for new world managers, leaders, functional heads, and specialized executives across domains has undoubtedly created a buzz for a holistic and high-end management education beyond any definitions and boundaries of a PGDM or an MBA. 


Asian Business School in Noida is one such college that offers an industry-updated PGDM (accredited by the National Board of Accreditation) and has been awarded equivalence to the MBA Degree by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU).


  • Industry Centric Course Design:


Management education at ABS is industry-centric in design. The institute ensures that the syllabi of their program match industry demand, the latest trends, and technologies.


Their PGDM has an open-minded approach and is student-centric.


  • Choice Of Specializations:


Asian Business School, one of the best management colleges in Noida, offers a two-year PGDM program in the dual specialization that allows students to choose from two disciplines, enabling them to pursue two different careers simultaneously. Here, students learn about two separate areas of expertise that expand their career possibilities and broaden their knowledge base.


  • Skill Enhancement:


Enhancing your skills will allow you to develop practical competencies that will help you perform better at work. It determines your ability to implement plans and your way of handling crucial situations. 


Asian Business School in Noida has established an in-house Center for Skill Development (CSD) to address the captive demands of the corporate world. The program aims to develop students’ personalities, communication skills, technical skills, etc. 


Additionally, you can enhance your interpersonal skills through various interactive sessions with peers. Along with sharpening your analytical capabilities, you also develop more vital decision-making skills.


  • Lucrative Placement Offers:


As part of the management education curriculum, students at ABS Noida get practical exposure to industries through organizational studies, internships, and on-job training, contributing to building their corporate networks and even helping them land pre-employment offers.


Asian Business School, as a renowned management college in Noida, has relationships with leading corporations resulting in fruitful placement records.


  • Exposure


Students pursuing a PGDM degree from ABS Noida can participate in management internships sponsored by the institution. Moreover, they get to meet industry leaders and gain first-hand knowledge of the workings of a modern business, and this interaction helps them gain an in-depth understanding of the corporate world. 


Apart from intense classroom sessions, this is a great way to get real-world exposure to the business world.


  • Mentoring by experienced faculty members:


ABS Noida has some distinguished faculty members with quality industry experience and academic qualifications. 


The teachers here mentor their students by moulding them into successful individuals. They support each student in thinking and acting like a leader from within. They ensure every student is provided with the tools to develop effective business strategies and shape their management careers.


  • Developing Multiple skill sets:


In today’s world, just having a degree in management studies won’t get you very far. It is vital to develop solid technical skills. You can establish such skill sets with a PGDM (equivalent to MBA) program at ABS Noida. 


It will provide you with essential leadership and managerial skills to prepare you for the future in-demand corporate job requirements.


How ABS’ Management Education is a value add to global leadership?


Asian Business School’s goal is to provide students with the skills, exposure and tools required to be competitive in today’s market and achieve a higher level of success.


Considering that, ABS offers a Student Exchange Programme with Oxford Business College, London, to allow students to learn about international business. 


Notably, the Oxford Business College is an independent education institution accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education UK.



Furthermore, under ABS’ PGDM program, students learn to adapt to the changing business challenges, opportunities, and needs of the global business environment.


A brief overview of ABS’ PGDM program:


  • Institute sponsored a one-week international study tour of Business from Oxford Business College, Oxford – London (UK)
  • Promote business ethics and values through international exposure
  • State-of-the-art academic infrastructure
  • Cutting-edge pedagogy
  • Expert faculty with industry and educational experience
  • Specializes in soft skills & personality development sessions
  • Entrepreneurship development and incubation centre
  • Mandatory internship
  • Industry visits
  • Track record of top-quality placements every year


Placements: A Sneak Peak @ ABS Noida


It is pretty impressive that ABS Noida has already started its recruitment process for 2021-2022. Many national and multinational companies have recruited students in companies such as Deloitte, KPMG, S&P Globe, Dabur India Ltd., Khimji Ramdas, TresVista, Wipro Ltd., HCL Technologies Ltd., IndiaMart, Berger Paints Ltd. and many more.

So, if you are looking for the best management college that provides a management education program with unique teaching pedagogy and excellent placement opportunities, then ABS is the right place for you!