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Inside the Campus@ Oxford Business College, UK

Oxford Business College is an independent education and training establishment specializing in a range of higher level business management courses, offering those embarking on their careers an alternative route to a degree, postgraduate or professional qualification. Situated in the centre of Oxford, it is in a perfect position for its students to enjoy all the tremendous attributes the city has to offer.

The college boasts of tutors who not only have outstanding academic qualifications, but also have extensive experience in senior management positions, making studies a perfect balance of academic and practical learning. The teachers there have many years teaching at both undergraduate and post-graduate level.

At Asian Business School, it has been a constant endeavour to ensure quality learning and best exposure for its students. The educational tour to UK from July 29th till August 4th and the time spent at Oxford Business College, UK provided the students an opportunity to witness the intercultural environment in person and present and submit their projects to the esteemed faculty members at Oxford Business College and successfully earn their Diploma in International Business.

Hearty congratulations to all the students. We wish you all the best for all future endeavours.