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Project Based Learning and Placements for PGDM Students:  Direct Correlation

The recent rankings of various PDGM Institutes reflect one thing directly – there exists a direct correlation between project-based learning approach and the placements of PGDM students in top companies. Institutes that follow project-based learning pedagogy in PGDM classes appear to be way ahead in placing their students in top global companies. In fact, a project-based learning or case study approach is now considered the most unique academic way of learning things more meaningfully.

In these projects, PGDM students get the chance to thoroughly analyze and understand the case and think about the queries which it poses. When the students learn from practical involvement in a project or case as the semester progresses, they need not cram up things by the end. It is a wonderful way of gaining insightful understanding of the business and management world as the entire class participates and students tend to learn a lot from their classmates as well.

Such learning approach also helps them think of various solutions and effectively learn the downsides and advantages of every course of action. With the passage of time, students also gain the confidence and courage of putting their views forward and that too in a convincing manner. Most importantly, when students are putting up their views while discussing a project, their communication skills get honed too helping their career graph to scale up to the next level. Though threatening initially, but practicing this expertise of making impactful, concise, and well-timed participation in such projects is extremely rewarding for PGDM students.

The top PGDM colleges in India like Asian Business School (ABS) in Delhi NCR’s Noida are all following this approach. As part of their core course curriculum, ABS PGDM students undertake specific project works that not only help them to apply and integrate the lessons that are taught to them in their classroom lectures but also help them in a big way to get a good placement after their course completion.

ABS is known for its faculty which has a right blend of corporate and academic experts who teach the management students using innovative teaching pedagogies like Case-Based Study Method, thereby inculcating the culture and pedagogy followed by IIMs.

ABS offers specializations in various areas of Management using experiential and collaborative Learning methods like field surveys, project works, outbound trainings etc. No wonder, ABS has been able to maintain high placement record for its students being placed in top companies like Aditya Birla Ultratech Cement, Alibaba.Com, Asian Paints, Axis Bank, Pepsi Co, Quality Council of India, Radio Mirchi, Tata Teleservices Ltd, Vivo India, Vodafone India Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser, etc. to name a few. To know more details of PGDM programs of ABS, Click: https://abs.edu.in/programme/