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Academic-Industry mentors’ meeting was held at Amul on 28-6-2016. Four academic mentors from Asian Business School- Dr. Anu Nagpal Chopra, Ms.Supriya Srivastava, Ms. Shilpa Narula Sood and Ms. Malvika Sagar had a meeting with the Industry Mentor- Mr. Hardeep Singh Banga Branch Manager , Amul along with Mr.Sudhir Gupta and Mr. Raj Kamal.

The industry mentor briefed about the Asianites- Rahul Mishra, Kartik Vishwakarma, Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, Sumedha Singh, Sakshi Malviya, Kavita Makhija,Kulveer Singh, Kundan Kumar Gupta, Nitin Yadav and Rahul Kumar Bhagat-students of PGDM (15-17) batch.

He was full of praise for these students who are working there as Interns and said that Rahul Mishra, Kartik Vishwakarma anad Akhilesh Mishra are among the best performers in the company.