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Asian Business School has initiated Academic-Industry Mentor Meetings to develop better understanding about the industry requirement. The meeting took place at SAIL at Laxmi Nagar, Delhi on 21st June 2016 where five students of PGDM (2015-17) namely, Prabhjot Kaur Bajwa, Pallavi, Ankana Sarkar, Reshma Bisht and Nishant Sharma are undergoing their Summer Internship. Reshma Bisht and Nishant Sharma are in Finance stream and rest of the students are in HR stream. The aim was to interact with the mentees working as Interns in SAIL and to understand from their Industry Mentor the requisites of the company.

During the visit Mr. Anil Verma met Mr. Sanjay Upadhyaya, AGM (HRD) who spoke well about our students. Mr. Sanjay Upadhyaya updated about the progress of work of these students. The meeting was cordial and fruitful as the industry mentor was full of praises for the Interns and was happy about their output.

It was good to hear that our students are delivering great results in the task given to them by their Company.