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“Innovators” & “Incubators” @ABS

Asian Education Group organized Marketing Activity for PGDM (15-17) and PGDM (16-18) Batch. The activity for PGDM (16-18) was called Innovators. This activity required to work on

  1. Build a window display
  2. Promotion campaign / product positioning,
  3. Creating a tagline,
  4. Product launching / outlet opening
  5. Summarization of the above through a presentation

The activity involving the PGDM (15-17) Batch was called “Incubators” and it involved group of 10 students to come up with the business model and how to sell and promote ideas and seek capital for the same.

The students participated in this activity enthusiastically as they had a lot to learn from the same.

The Coordinators of this activity were Ms Veenu Arora and Ms Kavita Khurana.