Following Anti Ragging Committee is constituted under the provisions of UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Education Anti Ragging Act 2009,


Appointment Order Committee Type Member Profession Mobile Number e-mail Address
ABS/ARC/July/2012/001 Anti-Ragging Committee Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava Director director@abs.edu.in
AVS/ARS/Sept/2012/0124 Anti-Ragging Squad Mr. Farman Ahmed Non Academic 9711138133 farman.ahmed@abs.edu.in
ABS/ARC/Feb/2021/001 Anti-Ragging Committee Dr. Prity Sharma Non Academic 9818830668 prity.sharma@abs.edu.in
ABS/ARC/Aug/2012/124 Anti-Ragging Committee Dr. SUNITA VERMA Associate Professor & DSW 9810342406 sunita.verma@abs.edu.in
ABS/ARS/FEB/2021/001 Anti-Ragging Squad Ms. Shweta Shalini NON ACADEMIC 7303108005 coordinatorabs@abs.edu.in
ABS/ARC/Feb/2021/002 Anti-Ragging Committee Ms. Bushra Assistant Professor 9971011347 bushra@abs.edu.in
ABS/ARC/Feb/2021/003 Anti-Ragging Committee Mr. Amit Nagar Lawyer 9968000120 amitnagarr@gmail.com