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RESTA CONNESO on September 04,2015@ABS

Life is a journey about evolving and transforming. As human beings we evolve every moment of our lives. But certain turn of events transform our entire personality. It seems just yesterday that 2013-2015 batch was having their Fresher’s. We celebrated their arrival then but today we are preparing to celebrate their accomplishments and achievements. They are just one step away. Tomorrow they will transform from a student to alumni. Hence we lovingly named our program “RESTA CONNESSA” which means stay connected.

ABS is appearing so lively, colourful and vibrant because every student of PGDM 3 rd Semester wants to make it a memorable event. They all wish to make this program a blockbuster event. Some are busy perfecting their dance moves, some are busy rehearsing their speech, some are heading the coordinating teams while some are busy finalizing the token of remembrance for the seniors. They are leaving no stone unturned hence seeing their hard work one could only say… “Esplendido”