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Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 – Grand Finale

After the Semi Finale ended on 19th Apr 23, the students were in the mode of the Grand Finale to happen. Their wait was over on 25th Apr 23, As Asian Business School, hosted the flagship event on the day. The event was full of energy and enthusiasm and all the seven contenders were so ecstatic for the competition to be held and to be judged by one of the most prominent entrepreneur of the era, Mr. Vikas Jain, Founder and CEO of Anytime Fitness.

Mr. Vikas Jain has started the event with his entrepreneurial journey, where he discussed with the students that how he got this idea of starting Anytime Fitness and motivated the students to start their ventures. The competition started with the first finalist of the event Pradyuman Singh, with his Business Idea – Pooja wale. The second finalist was Archit Sharma who presented his business plan on the venture of Pots for Plants. After Archit Jatin Soni presented his business venture SharkPi, he started with a rap, and then gave his presentation, where he presented QR codes as well to the judge and audience to check his live website. The ideas were interesting and lucrative. One after another all the pitches were presented and Mr. Vikas Jain was very impressed with the ideas students were bringing. He admired and appreciated some ideas very much and gave inputs also to all of the Finalists, so that they improvise or fill the gaps in their Business Plans.

As the presentations were done, Ms. Garima Called upon the Directors of Asian Education Group on stage, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava and Mr. Saurabh Sharma. Both the dignitaries then presented their thoughts on the finale, the presenters and the business plans given by the students. Later Mr. Vikas Jain again gave his valuable inputs to the students about all the plans and how one can go ahead for seed funds from market, at the time when initial investment is required. The finalists as well the audience were very excited to know the name of the Winner.

The wait was over with the announcement of the name of Jatin Soni as Winner of Season 2 – Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2023. The students were really happy with the result as he was a well-deserved student to earn the accolade. Trophy, along with the seed fund amount of Rs 5 Lacs which was awarded to him by the honourable judge Mr. Vikas Jain and the Directors of Asian Business School, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava and Mr. Saurabh Sharma. Mr. Vikas also announced that Jatin will get a life time membership of Anytime Fitness which was a cherry on the cake for Jatin and a very special gesture of Mr. Jain. Mr. Vinod Dhar, mentor of Jatin Soni was also called upon the stage and was appreciated.  With this the grand event came to an end and the journey of a new venture will begin in the EDIC of ABS.

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