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Yoga and Zumba Session @ ABS

Yoga is considered to be the one of the most effective ways of keeping oneself healthy and positive.

It eases the body mind and soul. Asian Business School understands the need of the having a relaxed body and mind for the growth and development of every individual. Keeping this in mind on 9th January 2023 ABS organized a Yoga and Zumba session from 2:30 pm onwards in the sports arena of the campus.

The first session was taken by Mr. Gurpal Singh the sports instructor who made the students do Sukhasana with chanting followd by Sukshamvyayam. He made the students perform various other asanas that included- Standing asana (Taadasana, Trikonasan, Vrikshasan, Garudasan, Ardhchakarasan), Sitting Asana (Ardhmatsendrasan, Trikonasana, Vrikshasana, Garudasana, Ardhchakarasana), Reclining (Bhujangasana, Naukaasan, Setubandasan, Halasan, Sarvangasan), Pranayama and Surya Namaskar. The instructor, Mr. Gurpal Singh, also explained the importance of yoga in everyday life to the students.

The second session was of Zumba which was taken by Ms. Meenal Pathak, founder of Mee Studies, she is also a celebrity fitness coach. She made the students do Zumba on the tapping numbers. Students enjoyed both the students for around 45 minutes each.

The event was concluded by the felicitation of the instructors by Dr. Preeti Sharma, Head DSW.