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Unveiling the Mega Event of Asian Business School – The  Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2024

Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder of Paytm and One97 Communication, unveiled the big event of Asian Business School, Noida on September 13th, where Mr. Sharma praised the institute for mentoring budding entrepreneurs and providing a seed fund of Rs 5 lakhs. During the event, he also talked with the students and shared a few success mantras with them. The seminar was really interesting for the young minds, and they were all quite eager to listen to Mr. Sharma. Mr. Shekhar remembered his entrepreneurial experience, beginning in Delhi at Delhi Technical University and eventually deciding to enter the Dot-com market, launching his website indiasite.net. “The time has changed for people to go to foreign countries to work; now, countries are investing in us,” he said. He explained that why should we spend our time constructing for other countries when we can contribute so much back to our own?

Sir, praising Indian thinking and young business entrepreneur, stated that at this time, India is not served as a “Plus One,” but rather “We are the One” to manage this in all aspects. He concentrated on enterprises and entrepreneurs because the G20 has created doors for various sectors. He claimed that the government and foreign investors are focusing on entrepreneurship and investment. Furthermore, he encouraged them to focus on their country and what they can do to help it rather than the organisation where they work. He quoted, “,” which means ” Maxima of everything is not good “, which finally led to not stopping when you feel you are in your comfort zone.

He used his own journey to illustrate how, owing to a lack of money, he did not continue his study after graduating, but rather saw this as an opportunity to start something new, which has now resulted in a revolution. Sir expressed many fantastic things to the students with a lot of encouragement for learning about the ups and downs of professional careers and adopting a mindset of continually progressing. He stated that the Down of the Day could be your best day in the future. As it dawns on you to think the best of yourself. Lastly Mr. Shekhar motivated the students by saying that Excel at what you’re good at & “Limitation of your life will decide how high you will go”.