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Steal The Show

Steal the Show: Hunt for the Master of Ceremony was presented by the NDLI Club and the Gnosis Club of Asian Business School on November 24, 2023. At the occasion, the students had the opportunity to demonstrate their skills as hosts of both official and casual events that take place at the institution. It was decided that the students would have two minutes to deliver their presentation. In order to give our pupils, the opportunity to speak with self-assurance and demonstrate their talents without any inhibitions, the event was planned and organised a platform. Three hundred and twenty-two students from the first and second years participated, and they displayed their talent in an outstanding manner. Everyone who took part in the tournament gained a great deal of self-assurance and bravery, which enabled them to conquer their fear of public speaking and performing on stage. Content, fluency, communication skills, and body language were included in the criteria that were used to evaluate the participants.

All of the judges expressed their gratitude to the students for their captivating presentations, and they provided the youngsters with more instruction on how to improve their performance. Yastika Jindal and Awantika Mishra, both of the Batch 2023, were awarded the first prize, and Harsh Bhatia, was awarded the second prize from the same batch. Students were very excited as they got the platform to showcase their talent.