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QUIZOLLAGE – Quiz & Collage making competition

Asian Business School, has organised a Quizollage – Sports Mania event under NDLI Club. It was an online event conducted through Google meet. The Club has conducted two competitions to encourage students to gain general knowledge on sports.

The event was started with the Quiz competition. The Quiz was unique in itself because it was held on virtual platform. It had two rounds. Rules and regulations of the quiz were explained at the beginning. Two-round competition includes Objective, Direct answer and visual round. There were 14 teams and all the teams were well prepared. The students surprised the audience with their knowledge and information. The questions put forth to the teams were captivating, exciting and made the student applaud excitedly when the teams answered correctly. The competition was very tough but, in the end, the most exciting and thrilling battle was won by Mayank Tripathi and Jayakrishna Ch.

Collage and paper art helps to develop reasoning, creative, imaginative, and problem-solving skills. With this thought, Club has organised the other competition that was Collage Making Competition. The students were briefed about the significance of Collage, which is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. All the participants brought the pre made collage and two minutes were allotted to each team to showcase their creativity followed by the theme. The students were judged by Dr. Shweta Batra ma’am and the criteria of judgment were Creativity, Theme and Presentation. All the students participated enthusiastically along with competitive spirit and in the end the most creative collage made by Debangshu Guha and Abhishek Bhagat got the 1st position. Thanking note was given by Shipra Shrivastava Ma’am and the student assemble for the photographs at the end of the event.