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Quarter Finale – Young Asian Entrepreneur of The Year 2024

Asian Business School in Noida played host to the quarter-finals of the Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 competition, which took place from the 29th of January to the 9th of February. An overall number of 174 students participated in the activity that was organized by the EDIC Cell of ABS. These students then submitted their business plans, which were subsequently examined and scrutinized by distinguished faculty panels.

In order to compete for the seed fund of five lakhs of rupees that was offered by the college, the students who were a part of the 22nd batch were exceedingly enthusiastic about presenting their company proposals. The first round of the competition is called the Quarter Finale, and it is during this stage that the student presents their business plan. The student who is chosen to continue on to the Quarter Finale thereafter receives a mentor who will support them until the Grand Finale of the competition.

The Quarter-Final was attended by a wide variety of promising students from the 22nd batch, each of whom brought a unique perspective to the table in terms of their business concepts. The entrepreneurial diversity that is evident in the region was reflected in the diversity of venture ideas that students proposed, which spanned from technology-driven enterprises to activities that had a social impact.

The participants gave presentations that were compelling, explaining their business ideas, value propositions, and growth strategies in a way that was both clear and convincing. Each presentation highlighted the inventive attitude and entrepreneurial zeal that are driving the ecosystem of startups.

After being subjected to stringent review, a total of twelve students were selected to proceed to the semi-finals on the basis of their outstanding business plan that was unique, viable, and potentially lucrative. Now that they have reached this point in the competition, these finalists are moving on to the next level, where they will fight for the title of Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2024.

The quarter-finals of the Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2024 competition provided as a demonstration of the vitality and dynamism of the ecosystem supportive of entrepreneurial endeavors. The event helps to contribute to the development of a culture that values innovation, resilience, and entrepreneurship throughout the region by offering a platform that may be used to cultivate and showcase those who are just beginning their careers.