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Corporate Resource Cell organised a webinar with Poonam Vijay Thakkar, Industry Expert-Marketing, Digital, Content & Analytics, Mentor of Change-NitiAayog (GOI) renders a powerful, envisioning live webinar session on “THE ART OF SCALING NEW HEIGHTS” at ABS!

Poonam Vijay Thakkar, Industry Expert – Marketing, Digital, Content & Analytics, Mentor of Change-NitiAayog (GOI) rendered a powerful, envisioning live webinar session on the topic “THE ART OF SCALING NEW HEIGHTS” at Asian Business School (ABS) on Saturday 1st August 2020 at 12:00 noon under its Leadership & Entrepreneurial Aspiration Development (LEAD) Program.

Poonam Vijay Thakkar is an award winning Marketing Professional listed among Top 50 Digital Marketer with over 18 years of successful experience in the field of 360-degree Digital Marketing Communication. A creative brain, she had been associated with small screen & All India Radio (AIR). Poonam is a well-known Business Moderator, Anchor & an Internationally Certified Life Wellness Coach (ICF), keynote speaker in industry events & a Jury member for award shows. Her quest for quality is the prime variant that sets her apart from the rest.

An initiative of Asian Education Group (AEG) – considered as the largest centre for professional media, IT, law, management, fashion & hospitality education in Asia with world-class facilities –  the webinar was followed by a lively Q&A Session with the distinguished guest.

The webinar session commenced with the distinguished guest thanking ABS for this opportunity and welcoming all participants to this forum. She confessed that she had never done a webinar earlier and said that COVID-19 pandemic had bolstered her staunch belief in the power of adaptation to ensuing circumstances.

Setting the tone for her webinar session by way of a powerful PPT presentation on the title “THE ART OF SCALING NEW HEIGHTS”, she said that “difficult times are a part of life; what matters most is how to come out of it. Essentially, it is all about TAIYYARI JEET KI! Starting a career is a journey and an uphill task. Building your career is a voyage … and your college’s education will you prepare you the best for this. The heart may say ‘yeh mukaam nahi hai aasaan, doob ke hi jaana hai’, but the mind says ‘hunar (skill-set) hai to raasta ho jayega’!

The talk by Ms. Poonam Vijay Thakkar revolved around three key parameters – viz., MINDSET, STRATEGY & COURAGE. To quote her words, “Failure is not real; it is an opportunity to grow. And, one needs to have the GROWTH MINDSET instead of a FIXED MINDSET. When you hit the rock bottom, you can only go up through COURAGE and innovation and creation of a right STRATEGY to achieve your goals and dreams.”

Ms. Thakkar then spelt out her unique “S2F2 STRATEGY” where she talked about the SEA (Surviving) Strategy, the SPACE (Thriving) Strategy, and the importance of FOOTHOLD and FOCUS in any success. She also riveted back on COURAGE asking the students to “Go wild for a while and explore your possibilities.” She told them to remember that “the trail is the thing, not the end … and the mantra of success is the Power of Upgrade.”

Talking about the “DIGITAL & CORONA DISRUPTION” of the world, she enumerated a number of “NEW AGE JOBS” for the students to think about as career. According to her, “The game of new age has changed. OLD was Business- oriented, the NEW is Customer-oriented. OLD was Static, the NEW is Adaptive. So what is the magic in NEW … it is to ADAPT, LEARN, DELIVER and REPEAT.” She advised the students to “Discover your strengths, your ideal career path and add on as many SKILLS as you can through the process of Learning and Unlearning.” She then defined her ultimate SUCCESS MANTRA as “1% Luck, 1% Talent and 98% Never Give Up!”

Ms. Poonam Vijay Thakkar then opened the session for questions from the participants. Several questions were put up by the students, most of which were related to Digital Marketing careers and challenges in the concurrent business and corporate world. To each of these questions, the eloquent speaker provided the most convincing answers.

Needless to say that this session by this highly energetic and experienced professional was a veritable treat of knowledge and motivation for all the approximate 400 participants who heard the entire presentation in rapt attention!