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Nukkud Natak – Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.

On 3rd Dec 2022 CSR Club of ABS in collaboration with UBA cell organized a club activity in the campus for students of PGDM. As it has been said that ” Businesses cannot be successful when the society around them fails.”, with this spirit of contact with impact and Team Building Strategy- Nukkud Natak was organized as an effective tool for spreading various messages for awareness of social issues. This activity was designed so that the students learn about social responsibility, team building sprit and leadership quality with active participation. The theme of Nukkad Natak revolved around

  • Right to Education
  • Various benefits schemes provided by Govt for free education
  • Child marriage
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
  • Pollution issues

For the activity nominations were taken from all the batches. This activity helped to instil amongst the students’ positive attitude and sense of contribution to society, that is required in professional life too. Students performed various role plays and represented various social causes. This activity also brought into focus the positive collaboration of team to achieve greater heights.  It was a good and overwhelming experience for ABS students also. The event was an opportunity for the students to create the dynamic atmosphere and learning environment where all of them have demonstrated high energy, team spirit and coordination skills. It also enabled them to create interest towards society and develop interpersonal skills needed when working together in a team. They learnt every member of the team has to work in coordination with each other and every step forward has to be monitored to succeed. It proved to be an overwhelming event where students have participated with great zeal. Great participation was seen from students as team players. All the faculty members and students of PGDM had a great time sharing their thoughts and ideas. They were appreciated on their great performance and team spirit. Winners of activity were Jatin Soni, Arun Das, Ayushi Kaushik, Bhavika Madhok, Jasmine Sa, Gautam Sharma, Himanshi Pandey, Naman Kamthan, Anushka Mishra, Bhawana Pandey, Vaishnavi Raj Gupta, Bharat Dwivedi, Aanchal Mishra, Aditi Singh.