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Nukkad Natak on Environmental Sustainability.

A “Nukkad Natak Activity” on Environmental Sustainability was held by the Prakriti Club at Asian Business School. The purpose of this activity was to raise awareness among students about the need of conservation and protecting global ecosystems in order to support health and welfare both now and in the future. The purpose of carrying out this exercise was to acquire knowledge about the Earth, which is a limited location with a restricted amount of land, water, and species. Utilization of resources in a sustainable manner is the only method to guarantee that future generations will have the resources they require to survive. The event took place on February 16th, 2024, and PGDM First Year Students participated very enthusiastically. A briefing on the rules that were associated with the competition was the first part of the event. Five separate teams, each representing a different section, took part in the competition. Ms. Swati Saxena and Mohd Tauheed Khan, honored the event with their presence and judged all of the teams based on various characteristics, such as the script of the play, the management of time and the utilization of props, the costume and stage coverage, and the activity skills with innovation.

During this event, the students participated in a role play on different themes, which provided them with the opportunity to improve their analytical and communication abilities. The expression and exploration of personal, cultural, and social worlds via the use of roles and situations that engage, entertain, and challenge the audience is what we mean when we talk about drama. During the process of enjoying and analyzing their own tales and points of view, as well as those of others, students construct meaning in their roles as drama producers, performers, and viewers.

Everyone who took part in the activity gained learnings from the experience.