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The Marketing Club of Asian Business School, hosted the MARKENT in collaboration with the EDIC club of ABS on Thursday, November 9th, 2023, at its campus located in Noida. The event was structured in the format of a traditional fair. During this activity, the students engaged in group work, with each group consisting of 3 to 5 people. The individuals exhibited and marketed a variety of selected merchandise, including clay jewelry, food items, snacks, smoothies, games, and spiritual books, with the aim of generating income. The event’s preparation commenced with proactive measures such as the dissemination of information through the utilization of posters and other visual aids in communal spaces that are regularly frequented by the intended audience, including students and faculty members. The assortment of products and offerings exhibited a significant level of diversity, capturing the attention and actively involving the audience. The team that achieved the highest revenue, while also satisfying additional evaluative criteria such as innovation, teamwork, and presentation, was designated as the victor. The students and staff members who attended the mela derived great enjoyment from the experience.

The purpose of the mela was to enhance the fundamental and crucial marketing abilities encompassing presentation, creativity, teamwork, organization, and promotion. The students enthusiastically engaged in this experiential learning method, demonstrating a strong sense of enjoyment and commitment. This event also ignited an entrepreneurial drive among many individuals, who aim to become emerging entrepreneurs in the foreseeable future and effectively execute their business endeavours for the greater benefit of society and to address a significant issue faced by the general population.