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Lead Lecture Series 8.0 – Session by Mr. Puneet Gupta

Entrepreneurial Journey of Redcliffe Lifetech by Co-Founder & COO – Mr Punnet Gupta

On 19th Oct 23, Asian Business School, Noida organised a Lead Lecture Session with Mr. Puneet Gupta – Co Founder & COO Redcliffe Lifetech. Redcliffe provides diagnostics with a comprehensive portfolio approach both with routine and specialized test menus with advanced testing labs all over India. It is also among the top 4 companies in the diagnostic service. Mr. Puneet Gupta recalled his journey how he pursed (B.Pharm) in his graduation and ultimately lead to becoming a MR (Medical Representative) at LUPIN. Eventually after doing job in corporate in various role the lack of satisfaction was there and a thought of owning a venture of own was there in his mind. His Inspiration, partner, support system was his wife who encouraged him to start this business in the sector of diagnostics as she was there in this segment of market for a long time. In the Starting phase of 2-6 months faced a lot of rejection and lack of resources. But he did not stop here. Sir said, “Success follows when you show the path and work hard to it” and eventually got an investor who believed in him and gave him the resources for running a lab. Puneet Sir, shared his strategies to penetrate the market how he and his team brought a change in the market: They saw that out of 10 only 1 person is testing for health checkup. It is not a habit of people to check in a regular basis. So, they applied the strategy of preventive illness (Don’t test for illness, test for your wellness) and focused on Accredited Labs (NABL), Affordability and Quality, focus on volume of people, Tech introduction of IoT devices in sample bags for temperature checking, Channels of sample collection Physically in centers and home collection and more importantly Glucose to genetics checking in one roof. Puneet sir also briefed about his contribution to the society and environment keep in mind the health of people. ETP method (Effluent Treatment Plants) is used to remove toxins from the waste collected while testing and blood of the customers. They have introduced a Clinical decision box in the bottom of their report called as personalized report. It is an AIML generated report to the customer as per his report stats – suggestion for him to change the diet or prevent from certain items to control.

With a lot of motivation to all the students, sir quoted some of the best Teachings to be followed in Career like “Simple Thinks Work”, Focus main on Execution, and Be omnipresent in whatever task you do. Indeed it was a great interactive session, in which students got to know about the sector of diagnostics, IoT devices, Pricing policy, customer relationship and also how to build the Business.