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International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day is observed every year on June 21 to raise awareness about an ancient practice that originated in India and has gained popularity globally for its mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. It incorporates various postures (asanas), meditation techniques, and breathing exercises (pranayama) to promote overall well-being and harmony. Yoga is a practice which plays an important role in relaxing the mind and body and boosting people’s immune system.

Today, on 21st June 2022, Asian Business School, Noida has celebrated International Yoga Day in the campus, which was attended by all the teaching & non-teaching members of the institute.

The event began with a brief introduction on Yoga Day by Mr. Sachin, Sports Faculty & the trainer for the day. First everyone was indulged into the warm up exercises and later practiced & performed sitting and standing asanas, importance of these were explained simultaneously. Mr. Sachin, concluded the session by explaining the importance of Yoga in life & how to maintain the harmony between body and mind. Faculties also discussed the importance of yoga and very enthusiastically exhibited yoga asanas and promised to introduce this activity in their daily lives.