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“HR CONCLAVE 2023 – Convening the Best Management Practices” & ABS Impact: Alumni Talk Series Day 2 – PGDM Orientation  July 20th 23

On the second day of orientation i-e on 20th July 23, HR Conclave was Organised for the students of Asian Business School, where esteemed guests from the industry were invited. The Guest of honor, Mr Ashish Bhalla, Director – HR, HCL Technologies was the first to talk about the digital revolution and the drive to “go green” and other factors which are reshaping the global world of work. Mr. Bhalla also emphasised in his session that advances in technology such as artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning and robotics, is contributing a lot in Getting onboard employable talent today. He said that there are jobs everywhere, but the challenge is the availability of skilled talent. As per his discussion only 49% of Indian youth is employable, highlighting the need for new-age skills and efforts to fill the demand-supply gap, which is going to increase 3.5 times by 2026.

Later the conclave was followed by an interactive panel discussion of Dr. Veenu Arora with Ms Saswati Sinha, Head – Human Resources (India & MEA) Evalueserve and Mr. Agniwesh Thakur, Director – Human Capital Consulting, Deloitte who shared their success mantra on the prerequisites of corporate world. Ms. Saswati focused on the expected skills needed for the future work and how alongside personalisation trends of products and services is the approach to build skills in people. Mr. Agniwesh added that the future work depends on understanding how humans work best and architecting work. It calls for us to move from a focus on technology to a focus on humans—supported and enabled by technology. Thus, enabling us to make work better for humans and humans better at work. The Panel members altogether agreed upon that we must unleash the workforce from traditional bindings and let them adapt the workplace.

Same day students had a session with the Alumnus, who are really doing well and way ahead in their career. The institute invited Mr. Pulkit Chowdhary, student of batch 12-14 working as Sr. Manager – Coca Cola COE; Ms. Hirshika Bajaj from batch 16-18, working as Recruitment Specialist with American Express and Mr. Kiranmoy Sarkar, batch 13-15 working as Burgundy Manager – Axia Bank Ltd. Students were very ecstatic to learn from their alumnus about their experience and success story, the session was very interesting and highlighted the necessary skills required to be successful in the corporate world. The session was full of learning and wisdom for the entire batch and students felt connected with the seniors.