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Freshers’ 2023

The Freshers’ Day event at Asian Business School on October 7, 2023, was a resounding success, thanks to the presence of the esteemed guest, Mr. Navraj Hans. Freshers’ is an annual event designed to welcome and introduce new students to the institution. This year, the event was graced by renowned Punjabi singer and actor, Mr. Navraj Hans. Navraj’s charismatic personality and musical expertise added an extra layer of excitement to the event. The event commenced with high-energy dance performances by students, setting the tone for an evening full of energy and enthusiasm. Students showcased their vocal talents in a singing competition, impressing the audience with their melodious voices. And later the main attraction of Freshers which is Ramp walk took place for Mr. and Ms. Fresher. The crowning moments of the evening included a glamorous ramp walk where participants displayed their confidence, style, and charisma. The winners Nishant Singh and Yastika Jindal were eventually crowned as Mr. and Ms. Fresher, are symbolizing their acceptance into the Asian Business School family.

And afterwards started with the Navraj Hans’ Musical Performance, where the audience was left spellbound by live performance, where he sang some of his popular tracks. His melodious voice and charismatic stage presence added an unforgettable dimension to the event.

The event not only successfully introduced the freshers to the institution but also instilled motivation and enthusiasm for their academic journey. It served as an excellent opportunity for students to interact, network, and create lasting memories. The event’s success would not have been possible without the valuable contribution of Mr. Navraj Hans and the dedicated efforts of the organizing committee. In light of the success of this Freshers’ Day event, it is recommended that similar events be organized in the future to welcome new students and provide them with an inspiring and engaging start to their academic journey. The organizing committee extends their gratitude to Mr. Navraj Hans for his valuable time, as well as to all the staff and students who contributed to making this event a grand success.

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