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Fresher’s 2014

Keeping the rich tradition of hosting a number of activities that take place in Asian Business School, the management Institute hosted a Fresher’s party for the newly inducted batch of 2014-16 on 5th September 2014. Since the day of the event coincided with another auspicious occasion of Teacher’s day, it was a double delight for the students, faculty and staff members.

As we know a lot of hard work goes in ensuring the success of any event, the Fresher’s party was no exception. The students from both old as well as new batch slogged their bit to make the event as successful as it turned out to be at the end. The venue of the event was Great India Celebrations, Noida which promised an apt ambience for an even like this.

The event started at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon and was well attended by all the students, faculty members, staff and people from the senior management. As we have a tradition in India, the event commenced with the remembrance of Lord Ganesha, a Ganesh Vandana presented by the students of Asian Business School. What followed was a sheer delight to the audience as many spell binding performances one after another were on the exhibit by the students. There were many dance and singing performances which were applauded by one and all. The audience was amazed to see the exuberance of the performing students.

The event was blessed with the motivating presence of Professor Sandeep Marwah, President, Asian Education Group who despite his busy schedule made it to the event venue and exhorted the students and staff. He extended his wishes on Teacher’s day. The students of senior batch made the day for all the faculty members by arranging a huge cake representing their love and respect for their teachers. The Institute also feted all the academic and non academic staff on this occasion by presenting mementos which were distributed by Sandeep Marwah Sir.

There was a mesmerizing performance by Sonu Thukral, a popular singer on this occasion who enthralled the audience by his energetic singing. The event came to the close with the coronation of new Mr. & Ms. Fresher after a couple of grueling rounds in which the students of new batch were to show case their talents and presence of mind. The results were declared by Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, the Director of Asian Business School. Deepender and Shelly were declared the worthy winners as Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher 2014 respectively.

In the end every one dispersed for the sumptuous dinner and left on a happy note.