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Distinguished Lecture Series- “An Expert Talk” – Dr. Nilanjan Mukherjee

Asian Business School (ABS) organized a guest lecture on “Double Your Memory” for PGDM students on Saturday, 13th October 2018. Dr Nilanjan Mukherjee., DGM-HR at Relaxo Group conducted a highly interactive session on how we can make best out of our memory. In his lecture he discussed about how to double your memory by repeating things at regular intervals, how it will help the Management graduates to memorize anything if they want to become successful managers in corporate. He quoted Memory is all about “LIFE” – L- Law of Association; I-Imagination; F-Faith & E-Emotions.

 He also introduced the audience to many exclusive examples how to remember day to day activities with the help some methods like sequence method, chain method, shape method so that it will help them to manage things in personal as well as professional life. In the end he told that students are expected to be serious, focused towards career goals and self development. He motivated the students to start mentally behaving like managers, even as they are pursuing a professional management course and develop as many skills as possible. It was a worthwhile session for the students as they were highly benefited and guided towards lot many techniques, tricks and mentioned to memorize and organize their work effectively.

Dr Mukherjee, also shared the competency skills Relaxo Group focuses on while hiring the fresh talent. He shared a brief about his organization, values and key factor for the recognition of Relaxo as one of the best and prominent footwear brand.

ABS has a well-defined vision of associating with best of industry professional and provides an excellent learning eco-system for its students where in they not only develop professional skills but create a professional mind-set to face any situation.