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Disbursement of First Instalment of Seed Fund Amount to the Winner of Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

Jatin Soni, a student in the PGDM class of 2021, was just awarded the Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 title, and as promised, the Asian Business School has given him the first instalment of his prize money, Rs 1 Lakh, out of a total prize of Rs 5 Lakhs Seed Fund. The students receive this funding in order to launch and develop his business plan.

Jatin has put forth his requirement with his mentor, Mr. Vinod Dhar to register the name of the company and later proceed for the further registration of GST, so that they can move ahead in the direction of Website Development. For all of this work to be done, the Institution has provided the Seed fund of Rs 1 Lakh, as the First Instalment. Jatin was presented with the Cheque by Dr. Shweta Batra, Ms. Garima Malhotra, Mr. Vinod Dhar and Ms. Shipra Shrivastava. The student was very ecstatic as he received the amount and stated that he is feeling very privileged and obliged towards the Institution for providing him such wonderful opportunity to convert his dream idea of business into a reality and a venture of his own. Jatin said that he is really excited to hold the cheque of seed fund, before his Salary Cheque, and he has not thought that he will receive the first investment for his business from his own college.

He expressed his gratitude and promised to soon start with the process of registration of his start up and to be in continuous guidance of EDIC Cell of Asian Business School.