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Confluence October 2023

Asian Business School conducted its Confluence for the month of October on 4th October 2023. This is the day which every student looks forward to every month, as their victories are celebrated and they get a chance to speak from their heart and get all their concerns resolved at the same time.

This month’s confluence began with the awarding of trophies to the winners of the events conducted in the month of September. The activities included “Celebration of Success of Chandrayan” conducted on 4th September 2023 by the Utsav Club of ABS.

The announcement of the upcoming events was made. Followed by the participation of students in various events and activities organized by other colleges and institutes.

The topper of semester II of PGDM 2022 batch Jasmine Sa and Sneha Kumari were awarded the trophy and then the platform was open for the students to discuss and share their thoughts.

The announcement was made for the Alumni of the month. The confluence ended with the announcement and award of trophy to the Student of the Month from 2022 batch “Ms. Anushka Aggarwal” and 2023 batch “Mr. Daksh Grover”.