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CONFLUENCE November 2022

Asian Business School organised ‘Confluence’ a Dean interaction and discussion with the student of PGDM 2021 & 2022 batch on 10th November 2022. In the presence of all the other department Deans and the heads.

Dean Academics Dr. Shweta Batra informed the students about the new format / structure of Confluence. Dr. Batra explained to the students that the confluence now onwards will be a platform to celebrate the success of students, thought process and expectations of the institute from the students, and also a place where students can come up with the suggestions and take it as an open platform to discuss their experiences and thoughts in helping the institute to grow, she made students realized the importance of celebrating happiness and learnings with each other.

The confluence also focused on the past and upcoming events and students are told that the platform is also open to discuss any suggestions from them. The very first discussion took place related to the events and activities conducted in the past and the winners were felicitated with the trophies and the certificates. Further the discussion took place related to the sessional examinations. The performance of students was discussed based on their experiences in the examinations. The upcoming events were also discussed in the meeting students were encouraged to write research papers for the International Conference.

The platform was then open for the suggestions of the students. Students concerns and suggestions were taken and the solutions on them were worked upon.
Ms. Garima Malhotra, Head CPP released the monthly newsletter “The Zine” for the students and informed students that they can give their write-ups and pictures, drawings or any other interesting activity which will be included in the Newsletter in the coming months.

The announcement of the Student of the Month was made “Mr. Rishab Bucha” from PGDM 2021 batch grabbed that position.

In the end the poster of Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2023 was released and the students were encouraged to participate in the same to grab the seed fund of Rs. 5,00,000/- from Asian Business School.