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Bizz Media Maverick

Jeff Bezos is cited as saying, “It’s hard to find things that won’t sell online.” This is an accurate statement, In the context of the Media club of Asian Business School. The club organised the event “Bizz Media Mavericks” on February 2, 2024. In order to provide the PGDM students with an opportunity to demonstrate their marketing skills through the medium of digital media, the purpose of the activity was to establish a new trend. The students were able to improve their skills all at once by participating in the activity, which provided them with sufficient practical information, creative space, and a demonstration of Launchpad.

More than twenty contributions were received for the activity, in which students engaged both individually and in groups. As part of the activity, students were tasked with producing promotional movies that would serve as micro-content for the digital media platform. These videos would introduce the students’ products or ideas in ways that were both fascinating and catchy.
The activity included a variety of items and ideas for the generation Z and millennials, including gym routines, product showcases, and in-house DIY crafting promotions. These were only some of the things that were supplied. Following every two reels, there was a significant portion that consisted of motivational movies and personal successes. The two judges of the show, Dr. Sarmistha Sarma and Dr. Itinpreet Kaur, offered their insightful comments on each reel, advising the contestants on how they could improve their performance in the future.

Madhu Tiwari, Kushal Gupta, and Pratham Singh were the members of the team that emerged victorious in the competition.

Following the conclusion of the program, the students expressed their gratitude to Asian Business school for providing them with the opportunity to not only showcase their creative abilities and talents, but also to reinforce their sense of pride and self-worth.