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UTSAV Club of Asian Business School has organised the Azadi Ka Celebration on 11th Aug 23 on the occasion of Independence Day. The students were very ecstatic & enthusiastic for the celebration and took part in the event where they showcased their talents through a series of cultural performances, including dance, music, poetry, painting etc. through Collage & Sketch the students depicted the moments from India’s struggle for independence. The performances were well-received and added a vibrant touch to the event. Followed by art exhibition featuring student artwork which showcased the creative talents of the students and added an artistic dimension to the celebration. The event saw enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, staff, and the esteemed judges, who were very overwhelmed with all of the performance and deciding the winners was difficult for them. The Independence Day celebration at Asian Business School was a resounding success. It not only honored the spirit of freedom but also fostered a sense of unity, pride, and responsibility among all participants. In the last Judges appreciated the performances of students and the event wrapped up with the oath ceremony.