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Asian Business School’s Marketing Club-MARKTECHOS organized the Marketing Mela

Asian Business School’s Marketing Club-MARKTECHOS organized the Marketing Mela on Saturday, 5th November’2022 at its campus in Noida. The activity was organized in the form of a mela. In this activity, the students participated in groups of 3-5 members each. They showcased and sold products/offerings of their choice ranging from clay jewellery, food items, snacks, smoothies, games, spiritual books etc. and generate revenue. The preparation for the event started well in advance by creating awareness-through posters etc. in common areas, frequented by the target audience (students, faculties etc.). The variety of products and offerings was quite diverse and held the interest of the audience and engaged them. The team with the maximum revenue along with meeting other judgement criteria like creativity, teamwork, presentation etc. was declared the winner. The mela was thoroughly enjoyed by the students and faculty members visiting it.

The mela was organized to hone the essential and critical marketing skills of Presentation, creativity, team-work, organizing and promotion. Students carried it out with utmost fervor and thoroughly enjoyed in this process of learning through doing. This event also sparked entrepreneurial spirit in many of them, who aspire to be budding entrepreneurs in the near future and successfully carry out their business ventures for the larger good of society and to solve a key problem in the lives of general population.

The winning team comprised of students of PGDM-I: Ujjawal Joshi, Khushi Jain, Pragya Singh, Aadarsh Chhabra and Shariq Hasan Khan.