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Alumni Meet 2023

Asian Business School’s Alumni Relations Cell organized the Alumni meet for ABS Alumni of their Alma Mater, Asian Business School on 11th February’2023. It was attended by ABS Alumni from various previous batches of Asian Business School.

The Alumni meet was organized with the objective of encouraging the passed-out students to re-connect in meaningful ways with not just their Alma Mater but their batchmates.

Various fun games were organized to create an atmosphere of enjoyment and celebration. Dance and Music was an integral part of the event. The attendees participated in various activities. Many of them shared their successful professional journey so far, inspiring others. The participants present also agreed to contribute in valuable ways to the college-Industry interactions, Research activities, Industry visits, Mentorship, Internship etc. with a feeling of giving back to Alma Mater and contribute to the further growth of the institution.

The session came to an end on a nostalgic note with all present reminiscing about the fun filled college memories and carefree days with friends. The session was concluded by Dr. Shweta Batra (Dean-Academics, ABS) , but with a promise to re-connect with the Alma Mater very soon with even more activities for better engagement with the Alumni.