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ABS National Vigilance Week – Nukkad Natak

To observe the National Vigilance Week, a “Nukkad-Natak” activity was organized for ABS PDGM students on 30th, October 2018 in which students participated actively and wholeheartedly. Two Nukkad-Natak’s were performed by the students to portray the sprawling roots of corruption in the society. There were 33 students across the two performances. Moreover, as any event is the consequence of proper planning, team-spirit and effective coordination. To organise the event team of 12 students took the initiative for looking after the event location as well as the perfect execution.

Preparing a street play on such a controversial topic was a mammoth task. As we know that drama is an attractive mode of communication where the character quickly connects to the audience. The performances were perfectly casted to justify the theme by demonstrating corruption at different levels and the subsequent consequences. The students, all of whom were playing characters for the accused and victims of corruption, aptly played out their parts. One could see the agony on their faces.

It was winded up with a take-away message of ‘Fight Against Corruption and Being Vigilant’. The Natak’s were filled with humorous yet meaningful scenes and attracted all kinds of people. The way students had interpreted the current scenario was really commendable as it made everyone to carry an impeccable impression.

To be continually potent, event coordinators concluded the event with an Oath ceremony “Eradicate Corruption & Build a New India” so as to have a corruption free India. Their thought process had a belief that it will eventually improve the common man’s faith in the system and will make him the integral part of society.

And together the citizens of the country with an honest and definite, deliberate effort “we can change, what all is required to remove the unethical practices in society”.