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ABS LEAD Expert Talk Series 2018 – A Lecture on Career avenues in manufacturing industry

In the latest Leadership and Entrepreneurial Aspiration Development (LEAD) series, ABS hosted Mr. Amar Pathak, Head-L&D-Alok Industries. Mr. Amar interacted with students on the topic “Career avenues in manufacturing industry” on 23rd Oct 2018.

Mr. Amar initiated his talk with asking a question to all PGDM students that “Do you think Management students are not eligible for manufacturing company?”

Then he broke the myth by quoting that we have huge number of employees coming from management side and not from technical side.

Mr. Amar mentioned that other than working on machinery there are huge tasks for which management students are hired like operations manager, quality manager, marketing manager, HR manager, plant manager, admin etc

He encouraged female students also to come forward for working with manufacturing organizations and he mentioned that there is huge demand of female candidates also especially in context to textile manufacturing.

He shared various opportunities lying into manufacturing industry and mentioned that it is not at all engineers dominated place, rather there are equal opportunities for management students as well.

He inspired students to ask their queries and answered them in a very detailed manner.

Session ended with vote of thank from CRC team.