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ABS IT Club, TECHNOCRATS organizes an interesting activity – “TECH-ANALYZER” – for PGDM-I students

Asian Business School’s “Technocrats”-The IT Club organized an activity – “TECH-ANALYZER” – for all the PGDM first semester students on Saturday, 5th October 2019 in which many students participated with great enthusiasm. The event was conducted at its campus located in Noida under the umbrella of the “Technocrats”-The IT Club at ABS.

In this activity, Problem statements and data were provided to the students and they analyzed the Problems using different IT Concepts and MS Excel tools based on one domain selected by them like HR, Marketing, Finance, General IT, Database Management System, Computer Networks, etc.

Initially, at the start of the event, different domains were shown to the students and they selected the domains and then specific data and problems were given to them based on that domain. There were two rounds i.e., learners round and Solvers round, and for both rounds, different Problems and data were given and they analyzed problems in both rounds.

This activity was organized to make them skilled and capable of taking decisions and applying their knowledge on handling different real-time situations.

It was a successful event as students learned a lot about the various aspects to analyze the data on different situations and learned to apply the IT Concepts & MS excel tool for analyzing the data.

Rishav Anand of PGDM-1st Semester was declared as the winner of the activity for getting the best score in both rounds.