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ABS EDIC Organizes a 15-Day Entrepreneurship Development Programme for PGDM Students

Entrepreneurship Development & Incubation Centre (EDIC) at Asian Business School, Noida, is organizing a 15-day Entrepreneurship Development Programme by Mr. A DIN Pangotra, National and International Education & Entrepreneurship Mentor, for its PGDM students starting 31st August, 2019. The program is a part of ABS’s endeavor to promote entrepreneurship among the PGDM students.

 The sessions of the 15-day program will revolve around the “Certificate Program for students on Empowerment of Entrepreneurship & Skill”, which is a Government of India Initiative. The certificate programme is initiative by The National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD), an apex body under the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Government of India. NIESBUD coordinates and oversees the activities of various institutions/agencies engaged in entrepreneurship development, particularly in the area of small industry and small business.

 Content of the 15-Day Workshop Includes Following:

 How to prepare yourself for Taking loan from Bank.

  1. Marketing of Products.
  2. How to become a successful Entrepreneur?
  3. Project profile/Report.
  4. Entrepreneurship Memorandum form.
  5. Government Schemes, Subsidies & Institutional Help.
  6. A guide to Self employment
  7. How to raise finance.
  8. The Projects those are in Demand
  9. How to prepare for DPR
  10. Risk & Vision
  11. Hand Holding and Initial Important Steps for entrepreneurs in India…
  12. Success Story.
  13. Statutory & Regulatory Compliance for the Entrepreneurs
  14. How to Create the Competitiveness & settle in the competition?

Trainer’s Profile: 

 A DIN Pangotra, National and International Education & Entrepreneurship Mentor, is a Governor Rewarded Management Professional, Trainer & Writer. He is a Guest Trainer of IIT Bombay and many other prestigious organizations.

 Mr. Pangotra has authored many Entrepreneurial books including, “Masters Can Foresee”, “Human Resource Management with Industrial Application” & “Entrepreneurship Empowerment”. In year 2008 he has been rewarded by H.E. Governor of Haryana Dr. A. R. Kidwai for efforts in management field & Book “Masters can Foresee”.  He has also stated some recommendations for reforms in education system. His objective is to enhance their (Students & Professionals) judgment skills so that they can become better leaders than followers.

A DIN Pangotra has imparted Entrepreneurship Training at many prestigious institutions including IIT Bombay, Delhi University, and many more reputed institutions.