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On 15th September, Saturday, ABS witnessed yet another day full of life, energy and enthusiasm as The Marketing Club, “Mark Techos” concluded its second cycle of weeklong events “Marketing Spoof” and “Hall of Talent” in the presence of Dr. Lalitya Srivastava – The Director, ABS and respected faculty members. The day started with the first activity wherein students and faculty members were asked to ballot vote for the teams which had created the maximum awareness of their products during the “Marketing Spoof” week, followed by respective teams giving their presentation on the product information and the promotional strategies used.

Once the voting and presentations were over, Dr. Srivastava and faculty members proceeded to all classes to judge and evaluate the second event “Hall of Talent”. As a part of this activity, students were required to demonstrate the 5 different Marketing concepts (Ambush Marketing, Societal Marketing, Green Marketing, Cause Related Marketing etc) and exhibit them in their respective class rooms.

It was inspiring to see how student’s creativity and innovation flowed in generating ambience by decorating their respective class rooms to highlight these concepts and present them. Overall, the events proved as a podium for students to participate, learn, build confidence through working in teams and proved true to its motto of “Learning through practical application with teamwork” for all.