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Asian Business School celebrated its 2nd Annual Fest “KESSHET2014”- Celebrating life on 28th Feb & 1st March 2014. The two days extravaganza with a range of events that euphoniously amalgamates perfect depiction of different shades of life, witnessed overwhelmed participation from various colleges from Delhi – NCR region.

KESSHET 2014 came out with different competitions focusing on academic and cultural insight such as Spectrum-Fashion show, Step up- Group and solo dance competition, Sixth Sense- Management Quiz, Brandzard-Branding Exercise, Treasure Hunt, Minute 2 win, and many others. Two days blended package of learning and fun provided students with perfect platform to showcase their talent.
The inaugural ceremony begin with lightning of the lamp and offering prayers to lord Ganesha, in the form of a dance recital by a group of students, the occasion was blessed by the presence of four eminent personalities as the chief guest and guests of honor Mr. P.S. Jain (Advocate) President of Confederation of NCR Residents Welfare Associations (Regd.), Mr. Dilip Bedi from Polish India Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Rajeev Kumar Sharma Deputy Inspector General of Police COBRA Ministry of Home Affairs & Mr. Mukesh Tyagi Renowned Actor.

The cultural contributions from the students further added flavor to the fest. The fusion dance, duet dance and solo dance performance by the students mesmerized the audience and time again got the big rounds of applauses.

The inspirational guidance from, the President, Mr. Sandeep Marwah and Director Mr. Lalitya Srivastava, sounded like eternal blessings on earth, and gave a bang to the starting of “Kesshet 2014”.

Glimpse of the Events @ KESSHET 2014- Celebrating Life on 28th Feb & 1st March 2014


One of the events that was a major source of attraction during the fest was Netritva- a leadership based game which warranted a close coordination & synchronization to complete the assigned task.

The coordination among the teams along with their ability to cross hurdles & doing jobs within the minimum timeframe without being influenced by distractions- core principles of leadership were some of the criterion for the final judgment.

The event was an opening event of the mega fest which was organized on ABS campus. The event saw a very encouraging response from the participants with as many as seventeen teams comprising of two members each participated. The prominent participants in the event included teams from ABS, Banarsidas Chandiwala institute of Management, Jaipuria Institute of Management etc.

The event witnessed a very tough battle among the teams which finally saw the team consisting of Gaurav & Shivam from Asian Business School outdoing all the participants & winning the title.


‘Aksharmania’ the word puzzle game. In total, five teams participated in the event. The names included IMS, Noida; IMM, New Delhi and the rest of the teams were from Asian Business School, Noida. The game comprised of four sensational rounds. The first round comprised of 4 letter scrambles; 2 sets of individual questions were asked to individual teams. The second round comprised of 6 letter scrambles, again 2 set of questions were asked to individual teams. The third round was a twister to the students; the students had to form a minimum set of 3 letter words without repeating them out of 6 letters given to them. In the last round, the students had to form hymning words under each category set given to them, 2 sets of category was provided to them.

Finally after four rhapsodic rounds Ms. Shipra & Mr. Sudhanshu of IMS, Noida outperformed rest and bagged the champion’s trophy for the event. We thank the management of Asian Business School to support our event and hope the intensity of the participants would grow in near future.

Duplicate Dailouge Bazzi

‘Duplicate Dialogue Bazzi’ the game of drama and humor. The drama, suspense and sense of humor of the students were judged at its best when it comes to acting and delivering the same ongoing dialogue in a comical or hilarious manner.

In this game we pre-selected the play and gave to the students before hand of the event. The students had to re-dialogue the play in the most humorous manner. The points were awarded on the basis of the presentation, the delivery and the innovativeness they had made in camouflaging the dialogue. The teams participated in the event include one team from AVR EDUCATIONAL HUB, Gr. Noida and two teams from Asian Business School, Noida. After scintillating 3 rounds; AVR EDUCATIONAL HUB outperformed the other two teams. We are thankful to the Asian Business School management for supporting us for the event and we hope that the participants will show similar endeavor in near future.

Step Up-2- Duet Dance

As Kesshet 2014 was witnessed by so many fun events and one could feel the energy and josh among the students during the two days event, the second day i.e., 1st March 2014 added the most memorable event when the audience relished the dance performed.

Dance is a wonderful way to express ones feelings and stay fit. Eight team pairs from Asian Business School, Aurobindo College, AVR Education Hub and ITS Dental College participated with great zeal and ultimately the winner team was announced from Asian Business Schol Abhinya & Meenakshi for their sweet performance on ‘Radha Kaise na Jale’.

Prom Night & Special Performance

The day I- 28th Feb, evening picked up with a special performance by Punjabi pop singer Shanker Sahani famed for songs “kudi kurmari, oye tera kya kehna, yaari yaari and jat luteya gaya from film champion , yaar mangya see rabba ro ke, and kudiyaan, and many other hits on his name turning out to be musical night.

The steal of the evening happened to be the “Prom Night- an evening to be remembered” followed by DJ party hosted by DJ Virus. Prom night boosted the evening with exciting games for couple entries and stag entries such as Couple Dance, spot performances, perfect postures and statues concluded by DJ night which further heightened the excitement and added to the fervor of the event.

Treasure Hunt

When it comes to fun accompanied with intelligence and activeness, how can one overlook the significance of “Treasure Hunt” played within the premises of Asian Business School during the second day, i.e. 1st March 2014 of Kesshet 2014. A treasure hunt is one of many different types of games which can have number of players who try to find hidden articles, locations or places by using a series of clues. There was lot of excitement among the ABS students for this game and 13 teams of ABS students participated and the winner team includes Anoop Ratan Shukla, Rahul Awasthi, Sandeep Kumar, Mayank and Vijay.


“BrandZard can otherwise be also termed as Brand Exhibition where the teams participating had to showcase their marketing skills to promote and brand a product or service of their own. The teams comprised of 3-5 members each had to brainstorm and develop and create a brand of their own. They were provided with a kiosk which they had to use for displaying their product or service to gain maximum customer attention. They were judged on their understanding and implementation of marketing knowledge. The teams did a good job in developing the marketing mix for their brand, promoting it and convincing the customers and the judges about the uniqueness of their offering in the market.”

Magic Ads

Magic Ads was conducted in the annual fest of ABS, Kesshet in this event students were expected to come up with some creative ideas to market a product of their choice. In total two teams participated for the event. First team comprising Mustak, Jatin, Rupesh, and Shashi presented their Add for their unique product Manful socks it has lot creative and humor in it. The second team comprising Deepkia, Rakhi, Rahul, and Garima presented their add for their online vegetable selling portal that too was enjoyed by the audience. Second team was declared winner of the event by the judges but first team also got lot of praise from the audience and judges as well.

Launch of ‘Ek Tha Arvind’ during KESSHET 2014

Day 2 of Kesshet 2014 on 1st March 2014 was embarked by presence of ‘Ek the Arvind’ star cast for the launch of their movie and inauguration of second day fest. Star cast included eminent actors from Bollywood commercial and theatre background viz. Gajendra Chauhan, Raju Kher, gracing the fest along with director Navin Batra, Producer Lokesh Dutt Sharma & Gurmeet Sodhi, and Associate Producer Suneil Parashar.

Step Up1- (Group Dance)

Group Dance competition was one of the major attractions in Kesshet 2014. The event took place on the opening day of the fest. Many teams participated with all vigour & zeal which ensured that the event was a huge success.

Asian Business School, Ramlal College, Aurobindo college of University of Delhi and Asian School of Media Studies were some of the prominent teams that participated.

Expressions, costumes, theme, presentation & coordination among teams were some of the points that the jury based its final decision on. The event saw some stupendous performances put up by teams in a very healthy & competitive environment.

The audience also evinced great interest in the event & every good performance was suitably applauded. Finally the jury members pronounced the final results & Asian Business School won the first prize in the Group dance category.

Nayan, Harshi, Rakhi, Ranvijay, Neha, Yogesh, Ashwani & Tanushree were the proud winners of the event.

Face Painting, Sketching, Collage Making

“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.” – William Shakespeare. How about the other be your friend’s. Paint your friend’s face with all your artfulness and bring an alien down to Earth.

Sketching – Guess the Sketch – name of a film, a movie song, idiom or a monument. He has to draw that on the chart paper without speaking or giving clue and the other two team members will have to guess.

Collage is an unwritten pictography revealing thoughts and emotions. Create one your own and transform it into a mosaic modifying it with creativity. Create a story around a common object given in paper folds.

Participation from B-Schools like, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Banarsidas Chandiwala, Institute of Marketing and Management, ITS Dental College and Asian Business School. Students painted the faces of other students on given themes on the spot within a limited time frame. Students showed their creativity on the themes.


Rangoli literally means ‘layers of colors’ – is a traditional folk art from India. It is a form of a Yantra that is meant to welcome guests and positive energies. The first reference to a Rangoli can be found in ‘Chitralakshana’ – the earliest Indian treatise on painting. Rangoli is common to the whole of Indian and is known by different names in different parts of the country. Rangolis are usually drawn to decorate courtyards and walls of Indian houses, and places of worship. Women draw them, after a ritualistic cleaning of the house. Each Indian state has its own style of painting a Rangoli. One important thing is that a Rangoli has to be a pattern of an unbroken line – with no gaps left anywhere for the evil spirits to enter.

Students from various B Schools showed their creativity on the given themes. And their creativity judged on the basis of overall appearance, new ideas, colour combination and design.

Nukkad Natak

“Kesshet 2014” the annual fest was a grand event at Asian Business School where one of the flagship event was Nukkad Natak – “the street play”. Various colleges participated with different themes and created awareness about so many social issues prevailing in our society like dowry, eve teasing, etc. the winner was ABS who presented “Sach Ka Samna” where they showed how our society is changing and how the mindset of people are still the same. Acting, drama, music all were used put the message across which was appreciated by the audience and the judges as well.

Cultural Gulley- Bringing State Alive

Cultural gully was organized in the Kesshet 2014. The main concept behind it was that students should bring the culture and traditions of their respective states to the campus. Two teams representing West Bengal and Punjab participated in the event. West Bengal team performed the famous dance of Durga puja along with the Bengali staple food offered to the audience. Punjab team performed the Bhangra dance which was full of energy and enthusiasm. West Bengal team won the competition for their creativity and appeal. But Punjab team also got a lot of appreciation by the audience.


Spectrum one of the flag ship event of Kesshet 2014, a fashion show competition full of beauty, poise and attitude captured glimpse at the central stage with various themes like hawaiian, retro, ethnic etc, . Students from various colleges participated in the event. Chief Guest of the event were Mahip Marwaha (Splits villa season 3 finalist) and Ms. Esha Tewari Pande (Ms. India 2012 runner up). Winners for the event were given to Hawaiian theme students from Asian Business School.

KESSHET 2014, rose to its final crescendo with the high voltage live performance, by “Soniye Heeriye fame SHEAL” in a beautiful resonance lingering in the minds of everyone. He enthralled the audience with his foot thumping hits and left them spell bound and craving for more. The audience was captivated with the high pulsating music. The whole show was a wonderful fusion & harmonious blend of music rhythm & dance.